My Backyard planting experience (Part 2) - Zone 4a/b Quebec, Canada


Hungryfrozencanuck, those are the only varieties I have so far. I’ve shared them with alot of people and half prefer the swenson red, surprising to me as while its delicious the Somerset still wins hands down in my opinion. I wouldn’t get rid of my Brianna as it has a very unique flavor that has a hint of pineapple to it and I’m hoping to make my own wine from this one with this years harvest combined with last years. I should have 20 to 30 lbs, maybe enough for a gallon or two? Never tried making any before… They grown it at vineyards around here and it’s good in wine and as fresh fruit.


I’m not sure about that if they are laid down and heavily mulched, or is the zone rating because of days to maturity?

I have Suffolk Seedless, Somerset Seedless, and Vanessa that have all fruited this year. I have them in an unheated greenhouse, and it gets just as cold under that plastic as outside so this winter it was -38C. The greenhouse is to extend the season so I can get them to ripen. The mulch was very thick though, about 2 feet deep.


I’ve lost many marginally zone hardy plants last winter and im done trying to grow anything that isn’t z3 hardy. i buried my z5 PAF blackberriesin straw. and still lost them. my z4 goumi froze to the ground and never resprouted. from now on if it isn’t rated for z3 I’m not planting it. i know regular concord makes it here even tho. its z4 hardy.


If you have Concord surviving you absolutly have to try Somerset. It is 0.5-1 zone hardier and ripens 6-8 weeks earlier. It is also the most delicious fresh grape I have ever tasted.


whats the taste like? i like slightly tart , acidic grapes. don’t like most store bought grapes as they’re too sweet for my taste. i also like a sour tart green grape. i also like consort currants right off the bush. :wink:


Well then Somerset is NOT for you. Sucker is like 25 brix, tastes like strawberries.


well i like strawberries too but grapes i like them acidic and tart like concord.