My deer rant


Been there, tried that…didn’t work… I did seem to have some success with milorganite. The deer still came in the orchard but did not come close to the trees with milorganite spread underneath. Then I got dogs…no more problems…YET.



Didn’t work for me.


CT’s regs are in some ways better than yours. That’s surprising. You’d think in Kentucky of all places there’d be enough political will to really do a good job managing the (over) population of deer.


Well, we are allowed 4 deer per person, one buck max in our zone 2. If you’re in z1, you can take as many as you want, with one buck max. The zones change each year, and the next county over from us became z1, so we might change in the next couple years.

Looks like CT private landowners get two full months of modern gun season, we just get two weeks, which also includes private lands. So, yes, looks like landowners in CT get a better deal. But, since we hunt our own land (about 50 acres), we don’t need a license or deer tag (CT requires both), but we still have to call in any kills.

Deer sightings have been rare this year in these parts, not expecting them to show up when rifle season starts next month, either. But, I’ve had some damage to some trees, so they’re around. We’ve hunted for the last 3 seasons, and got nada. Haven’t even got a shot at one with my rifle. Seen a few, both not close enough, or too small.