My first dormant spray plan


I think that will be fine.


You can just mix all these in one tank no problems. The Nufilm is not going to hurt the l/s, its only that its not needed with it. I don’t usually do both copper and l/s, I usually do one or the other, but if disease pressure is bad I have done both.


Ok, nix the NuFilm and mix Kocide 3000, Lime Sulfur and Horticulture Oil in one tank. Thanks!


Sorry I guess I wasn’t clear. Nix nothing, throw all in. You need the nufilm to keep the copper on.


What lime sulfur product do you guys use? I have the Bonide sulfur fungicide powder but I have found anything that says lime sulfur. I see pet dip for dogs that says lime sulfer


The lime sulfur brand I bought was Hi Yield. It’s in liquid form.