My Mirabelles exploded

Can you hear me laughing???

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Well now I feel much much better Hoosier! Perhaps you should stay away from the ‘grow your own mushrooms’ ads as well.

Heh! Or, turn my manure pile more often!

Mrs. G.,

After all this rain, my Mirabelle, Parfume de Septembre fit the description of your thread. I did not see the cracking at first because they were in bread bags. Most have cracks.


Wow that is too bad, but last year they were perfect!!!

Make jam right away, before the ants attack them!

They are not ripe. Do we have to adjust the sugar amount?

And sap beetles!

Several kinds of fruit cracks during a month long torrential rain.

Mirabelle is the worst follow by Apears, E plums and E pears. A bit cracks on apples but no cracks on peaches or watermelons.

Most of my plums are in bags. Wasps cannot get in Ants may.

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Worst for me are Savor charentais melons

I don’t grow them anymore

My Black Ice plums looked about like that this year. Its been a bad year for cracking but Black Ice has a reputation for cracking and I’m going to remove it. I had many other things with a few cracks but nothing like Black Ice. Several French Prunes had splits in the bottoms, but it was right as they were ripening and they didn’t rot much.

Have your Fondante des Mouline-Lille pears cracked?
I have 4 this year. Two cracked and later dropped.

I don’t recall those pears cracking, but occasionally some pear will crack. The timing of the rain and ripening have to be just right to get pears to crack from my experience - its a small target to hit. Cherries, plums, peaches on the other hand are a much bigger target.

It was unfotunate that 2 out of my first four cracked. Then, I think squirrels knocked them off. Hope the remaining two will hang on.

When does this variety ripen for you, please?

Its on the late side but not super late… I don’t remember exactly but maybe late September.

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Thank you.

Highland pears are not very particular about when to crack- seem to do it more than half the time here. I’ve long since stopped offering them from my nursery.

As far as plums, I have a fair amount of cracking on Satsuma and Ruby. much less on Reema, Elephant Heart and Burbank, but yellow jackets don’t require cracks and where they can’t find easy entry they are drilling holes through sound skin. I set up traps for them a few minutes ago. They are also all over my cracked nectarines. I still have a lot of clean fruit but it’s a bit like being an organic grower on a normal year- lots of culls.

I have a giant Elephant Heart that set a heavy crop for the first time in years. The fruit could be sweeter, but they are good although I can’t let them get dead ripe with the yellow jackets. A pain to pick because the almost ripe and not ready plums look identical and the tree is growing all over an airstream trailer. I had this brilliant idea that the reflected light would make them as sweet as they were in my CA boyhood.

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