My one seedling apple that was a keeper in 2016

I selected only one seedling apple as a keeper in 2016 out of the hundreds I started this year. It grew 6 feet it’s first year of life! No signs of disease but I’ll keep you posted on the new baby apple long term. I actually planted these seeds from my wild apples in 2015. They are open crosses so it could have been pollinated by numerous varieties. I’ll let you know if the apples wind up tasting like cardboard or are marble sized. I’m hoping it’s the first 5 pound apple that tastes like honeycrisp and is disease resistant! (I know I know most seedlings don’t work out) Some apples had CAR close by and yet it shows no leaf issues at all with no spray applied.


Good luck @clarkinks! What were the criteria you used for culling?

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I brush them all down with a fireblight infected limb, look for CAR, fast growth etc. If it meets those criteria it’s worth a shot.

What are you looking for in taste, color, and finish?

As long as the taste is good and the apple has a use it can stay but if not I will top work it to a better type. This one looks extremely promising so far. My seedling apples are typically worth keeping. The parent trees are sweet, disease resistant, fast growing to name a few qualities I’m looking for. The fast growth on this one may indicate it’s a good candidate as a rootstock as well.

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Sounds good. Keep it up!!

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This apple has slowed down it’s growth but is still growing straight up so far. Very curious what the apples will look and taste like. It’s about 9 feet tall now. Maybe it will be the best one I have grown so far New Apple Seedling Varieties


Any updates for us?

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Not yet there were no blooms this year it just takes time.

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