My orchard

Ideally, or actually practically I would need to grow figs in ground b/c I am planning an ‘easy to manage’ orchard. If I had strength, hauling pots would not be a consideration (and I don’t have a bad back :blush:) I made planks and had a dolly modified so I can move citrus in and out, but that is an ‘event’ which I should limit to citrus. That said, it is nice to have the above set of cold tolerant fig possibilities. I have a few south facing locations protected by the house or old out buildings which have been ‘identified’ as fig locations. So thanks as always for your comments on these. BTW my Brown Turkey sits in one of these locations and appears to have survived this wintery blast. Yay.

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At my z6b mountain orchard, the following figs have survived the last few terrible winters largely unprotected. Roots survived, but suffered die-back from cold. Some have been munched to death by critters (I need to bust out the chicken wire):

-Hardy Chicago
-Strawberry Verte
-Celestial Celeste (Rabbit Ridge strain)

Which fig do you have?

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Sal’s Gene EL is the only fig I’ve successfully fruited yet here… potted at my z7a townhouse. It is excellent.

Hardy Chicago, I just rooted it this fall. Will you get ripe figs after the die back?

It’s possible.

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I noticed in the garage some of my trees are developing breba figs, I’ll probably kill them though. I need to kick them out ASAP. Maybe in 2 weeks, out they go, freezing or not.
Everything survived, cold hardy, not cold hardy, nothing died in the unheated garage! This is awesome, so darn easy. Who cares about late freezes? Just do the figgy shuffle!


That’s really good, I think I need to plant one of mine on the south side of the house,