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Or you could plant it in a crevasse in a southwestern facing wall. I’ve seen them growing like that in the wild.


80 degrees on the sun porch/mud room today, and probably the next few days. My persimmon grafts and figs are getting some much-needed heat units.


First hazelnut seedling is up! Just gotta keep the squirrels off of it.


Potted up my persimmon grafts last night. They look much more organized than in the bags! A few had root suckers sprouting, which I broke off. Also had to prune some of the roots to fit them in the pots. I’ll plant the prunings in the yard or in a tray for more rootstocks or for bonsai.


They looking great, good luck with them!

Question, where did you order your rootstock from? Thanks


Those look good. I had a surprising number of root suckers on my persimmon rootstock as well. I wonder how much they’ll do that over time or if it is just more pronounced when they’re young. My Juliet cherries, and to a lesser extent my Carmine Jewels, sucker all over the place.

I’ve been checking all the rootstocks every other day or so and use my thumb nail to scrape off any of the buds that show the slightest sign of pushing. I don’t wait for them to actually sprout since I figure it is better to get them off before even the slightest energy is taken from the scion, but I may be being obsessive…



@Ruben, they came from the Missouri Dept of Conservation. From what I’ve read, the size varies from year to to year and this was a good year. The root systems looked great. All but a few had a good amount of fine roots.

@zendog from what I’ve read, they should settle down once they have a main trunk established, but I only have book knowledge at this point. I sure hope they do…


I have noticed persimmons like to throw root suckers when they are stressed. For example being moved and cut on. All of my persimmons wanted to sucker when I first planted them, but that all slowed down as they got older.


Got my first fruits in the ground the last few days. Currants, gooseberry, and beach plums!


Lookin’ good! :+1:




Some more happenings:

Getting some movement on JT-02 persimmon. Prok is still thinking about it.

Pawpaw seedlings are growing nicely.

And marking out some rough planting locations for next year to test out my plan. I’ll see how they work with the available sunlight or if I have to go back to the drawing board. I definitely get less full sun than I was thinking, but that will continue to change as neighbors take out trees and other neighbors let them grow.


Nice to see the progression! Hope everything goes as planned for you. I really haven’t had anything different happen lately to report in my thread. I have been clearing some more on my front field, so I may take a few pics of that and post it :thinking:


Solomon’s seal is blooming:

These were volunteers in a grassy, shady area when we moved in. I had moved them to a spot that’s more like a forest floor last fall, and I think they appreciated the move.

I also inoculated my shiitake logs yesterday. I kinda wish I got a larger bag of plugs, but it was enough work getting these set up, so I’ll call it good.


When I was potting up my persimmon grafts, I took the root trimmings and set them aside. I put them in a seedling tray to sprout. If I get enough density, this will turn into a forest bonsai project.

Here they are 12 days ago, already with a couple of sprouts.

And here they are today! Hopefully some more will show up soon.


Strong work! There will be plenty of root stocks for grafting down the road.


That reminds me, I need to plant out my stratified seeds!


Persimmon seed bed 2.0. The squirrels and/or chipmunks very quickly discovered the planting I did on Saturday. I saw digging marks on exactly my grid spacing, so I’m pretty sure they got almost all of them. Fortunately, a forum member had given me a generously large supply. I was able to rebuild, with added precautions.




Persimmon seed…
I find it best to either plant the seed where you want a tree
or to plant in pots.
They can be hard to dig up.!