Need Help Identifying Cold-hardy, Late-Bearing Sweet Pear

I believe Seckel also has white spots, small fruits, red blush, and also grow in bunches.

Seckel Pear Tree | Fruit Trees | Ison’s Nursery & Vineyard (

I believe Fedco sells Seckel (but not Ayers)
edit… Seckel European Pear - Fedco Trees (


I don’t know where the trucking run was from or to, but I was told it was as many as 15 years ago. The late owner/planter would have remembered, he was a potato farmer and operated a truck brokerage as well as being a very good man. He had a tendency to keep parts on hand, things he or someone else might need, and planting some rejected trees so as not to waste them was definitely something he would have done. I don’t think he would have made too many very long trucking runs, but I can’t say for sure. I’ll ask his wife.


Maybe Luscious could be another possibility


Thanks! I have some Luscious here to compare them to but they’re young, and haven’t fruited yet, but have fruiting spurs on them that might mean blossoms. When they flower and leaf out I can see if they’re similar. I’ve never had a Luscious pear, so I can’t compare the two, yet. Hopefully this fall.



hit -40f here 2xs and unofficially -43f on Long lake 1x last winter yet my z5 7ft. red gem goumi suffered no damage above the snow line, yet it died to the snow line 3 years ago at -30. figure that one out! those were records for those dates. even my z4 pear grafts survived above snow with no damage. maybe there wasnt much wind on those days but i remember alot of wind last winter.


I’ve been trying to figure out why the Golden Delicious I grafted 5 or 6 years ago is still alive. I grafted it (GRIN scion, I don’t recall exactly which GD I got from them) because I wanted the variety but figured all along it would never survive our winters. It doesn’t grow quickly, but it keeps waking up every spring. I figure sooner or later winter will kill it, but maybe I’ll get lucky and get a few fruits before then.

I think a lot of it has to do with just how deeply asleep (dormant) they are at the time of the worst weather. Charts from a research department can’t register that in a dependable or repeatable way.
Same to Steve’s comment.

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seems like any plant that has alot of vigor is more prone to winter injury regardless of hardiness zone ratings. i had a king of the north grape thats z3 hardy die on me last years mild winter yet z4 marquette grape right next to it was uninjured. only difference was king was 2xs as vigourous.



What did you find out?