New Asian Pear Growth Stopped

My single Hosui pear is getting incrementally larger. I’ve been trying to read up on ripening dates, but those will be misleading since they will be from a different climate than mine. I’ve heard they stay on the tree weeks after ripening so I’ll be patient.

Love the russet on the skin. No sign of insect damage.

This little tree… I’m glad I let this single bloom continue to a fruit.

Also with the late growth spurt, the tree has added some new leaves. Impressive how large the leaves can get.

I’m also happy to say the new growth has not attracted any aphids. Is it late in the year for them here? Considering earlier this summer there were loads of aphids I’m surprised there are none now.

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OK, I stand corrected. Sitting…I’m…I’m sitting…

The hosui measures 2.75" across and from what I read now and a few videos, this is about the fully sized fruit.

Now I’m anxious to pick it…


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If it’s hosui, wait till the color turns orange-ish or copper-ish.

Thanks…though without something to compare it to, those colors can be quite subjective.

You will notice when the green turns to orangeish

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I took a similar picture.

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Though the pear tree isn’t necessarily the best naturally shaped tree, the leaves are very nice, big, and glossy.

Also I find it interesting that the caliper of new growth is so thick…

Seems to me plum is the thinnest, then apple, then pear. At least Asian pear.

Oh…and fig is pretty stout too.

My Hosui is that size but I think they are still growing until fall here.

This ‘spring’ started in late February here this year. I hit the 80’s the whole last week of February then has a 27 degree morning March 20th.

Anyway the growing season is freaking long here so everything finishes earlier than most folks.

Same here and the lowest we have is 39F this year.

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Update on my single, lonely, determined Hosui pear.

I think it might be ripe???

First part of the short video is the bottom side. You’ll see as I rotated it the top side has become quite golden from the dull green of before.

Any Hosuians out there want to chime in on how long to wait to harvest?


You need to cover it up, I read they are supposed to turn red from green. Last year I picked a tiny one very late, maybe Oct, but it’s delicious. Mine is still gree, but it’s in the shade.

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I don’t think any Asian pear turns red…

I meant redder, bronze rusty color like this picture.

It’s mostly there.

My cheap ass phone has a lousy camera.

The good news is most asian pears seem to keep well on the tree without going off… So I think I’ll just have to be more patient.


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I’ll pick my single Hosui today I think. Nice golden russet color and all the online info I can find does say first week of August… And I’m in a warm place so…


The color looks right. Hopefully it’ll be very flavorful for you.


Picked. Letting it cool down inside.

Came in at 6-5/8 oz (186 g).

Though I’ve only gotten one very small amount of pluerry plums off my other trees last year (and apples from a tree I removed as every single fruit had apple spot), this is clearly the most blemish free fruit I’ve grown.


I liked it. I think it was short on sweetness so it was probably not fully ripe. (really need to find y wine brix refractometer).

I noticed a sort of inner circle in the fruit. See photos. The meat in that area was not as sweet.

Obviously if I had more fruit I would leave the rest for a bit longer until I can figure out how to tell ripeness. Hopefully next year I have enough to do so.


Size wise it looks like mine was above the average weight… Though it was the only fruit on the little tree…

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