New here… Favorite topics?

Hi Michael,
Where are you located? Please add it to your profile when you get a chance.
After learning your location we can provide much better pointers …
Happy Fruit Growing!!


Try to stay out of the Lounge if you can.- Reason we all get way off track in there and its like The Supreme Court in there.

There are people on here passionate about the things that they grow… there are peach experts, pear experts, persimmon experts, fig experts, apple experts… even a tomato expert.

Reasoning- we have no idea what climate you live in, what you want to grow, and how you want to grow fruit. Are you a large orchard? back yard? U-pick? Commercial? Hobby?

Honestly everything you could ever want to learn is under that magnifying glass icon up at top… you could read for weeks.


Welcome fellow freebird! Hope you love it here!

I’m working on months. … Always more to learn than you already know, but the more you know the better you get at learning what to look for to learn more.


The tractor topic is always interesting and informative.

The weather topic is invaluable.

Here are a few:

And many other ones…


I spend a lot of time just on the weather threads:

Also any of Scott’s yearly updates on what he is growing are great. Here is his most recent one:


Join your regional thread.

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Thank you kind sir. Just working at broadening my understanding of botanical life. I grow everything from pistachios to eggplant lol I live in the Mojave desert and our climate works very well for most plants. I also legally grow cannabis indoor and outdoor.


Appreciate the links friend. Weather in my area is pretty hot and dry. Crazy sunshine year round. It’s got below freezing a mere 3 times this winter :grin:

You are very welcome! Why don’t you tell us about your growing experiences in the introduction thread, link below:

I also suggest you update your profile with the varieties that you are currently growing, that way people can connect with you about specific varieties.


If you are new to fruit growing the variety review threads are great. There are a few.

Scotts apple thread and olepas peach reviews have helped me choose varieties.

You can also post in your regional topic about questions as many things are very regional.

Welcome to Growing Fruit @Freebirdmikes ! :slight_smile:

I would suggest you use the search box (in the upper right hand corner) to look for posts that interest you. If you want to see if there was a good discussion about pistachios, just use “pistachios” as the key word in the search box. Just click on the icon that looks like a magnifying glass and search away! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the welcome @FarmGirl-Z6A, Im learning the forum navigation well. I was just curious if anyone had some recommendations of good reads is all. I found it gives me a good idea of where to start reading, I’ve no specific direction to head, in every direction if at all possible. I have an unending desire to know everything about everything. I primarily grow marijuana, but I grow veggies, peppers, fruits and working on a few pistachio trees in the yard. The valley I live in produces gobs of them. Mojave pistachios. However the monster size pistachio farms here are very quickly depleting our underground water supply causing major concerns for the stability and sustainability of the Naval Weapons Center they’re drying out. Leading to the question- why would farming companies select the hottest and most drought ridden locale to grow in? We’re a mere 70 miles from Death Valley Ca!


I think there are some threads about growing MJ here too, you just have to do a search. :slight_smile:

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Pistachios suffer from many diseases and pests, most likely they tried to get away from these.

MJ growers have a plethora of specialized resources, I doubt they need advice for us fruit growers. :wink:


All info is good info. I want to know it all. These forums are awesome and helpful, I like reading interesting articles and threads.


If I lived by a desert I would grow stone fruit, (plums nectarines) and high end disease prone pears like comice and french and Italian cultivars like beurre series and moretinnis, ones I cant grow…

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I would highly recommend spending some time reviewing the reference section. Many of the questions asked could be answered by the content there. Much of it is a “101” in growing as well as a few good lists of places to buy supplies and plants.