New Member From NY

Thanks for the plum info! I’m in a similar situation where there is some black cherry around, and black knot spores are bound to be all over the place. I had Superior, Bluebyrd and Toka on the list. I’ll have to look into Alderman, Waneta, and Oblinaga. Growing seedlings of these might be worthwhile too. If you happen to save any of your black knot resistant pits I’m happy to pay for postage!

Your welcome. I basically just keep trying every supposedly resistant cultivar I can and then plant and wait. I checked the Au hybrid I had planted and its an Au Rosa . Considering most get a knot within the first year and this one hasnt, that a very good sign for me. Next year will be the telling year as I put in a lot of different cultivars last year. Now you have me wondering if there is an Alderman/Superior cross to look for. Both trees are about 16 feet tall when pruned and neither have ever had a knot. The Superior was planted ten feet from the Stanley Prune that was completely overtaken and yet still didnt get it. Im sure they were sharing roots that had grafted together so thats enough for me. Time will tell.