New to the forum- Looking for Jujube/PawPaw Suggestions

After looking around at England’s Nursery, it seems like both jujube varieties you mentioned do better in hotter climates. I’m not sure they would be as productive in southwestern PA.

Words of advice, I have Shanxi Li. Its quality is inconsistent. It ranges from awful to acceptable. Not productive and more fruit drops than other varieties I have.

Its fruit is large but that’s the only positive.

Re. GA 866. I don’t have it because it is a very shy bearer. It may taste very good but if it took 7 years to give me a few fruit, I don’t want it,

Hi mamuang, do you have a preference on fresh eating for Autumn Beauty, Massandra, and Sugar Cane? I saw you have those in your profile and they were suggested previously by Bob as good options. I plan on getting a dehydrator in the future but would plan on picking directly from the tree to start. Thanks for the suggestions!

I only eat jujubes fresh so my liking is based on fresh eating quality. My top 3 are Sugar Cane, Black Sea and Honey Jar, in no particular order. They all are sweet, juicy and crunchy. Massandra is a bit below and it has some tartness that enhances its flavor.

I have not tried Autumn Beauty. @BobVance has tasted a lot more varieties than me. Bob, you and I are in a similar climate. Our fruit should grow and produce similarly. However, like I said many times, taste is quite subjective.

Thank you for the input. I am making my way down the thread on jujube fruit set so that might be my final verdict, more so than the “best taste”. Better productivity is preferred over best taste for me since I am limited on space, as long as I have a few good choices. I didn’t realize that fruit set could be such a challenge for jujubes until reading through that thread.

Based on the recommendations of a local grower here in Kentucky, I have a Prima Pawpaw and a Nyomi’s Delicious. They are too small to fruit yet, but hoping for the best.

I as well have heard great things about KSU Chappelle and that’s the next one I’m adding.

Thanks for the suggestion @wardog, I think Nyomi’s might end up with a spot in the landscaping. It is always so tough to go off of descriptions online instead of actually tasting each one yourself. I guess the big thing is getting SOMETHING in the ground that I can graft later if I decide I want to switch to a different cultivar.