No/low spray pears in central NC?

Fireblight destruction from 2023 - 2024 - #3 by k8tpayaso?

Evidently there is a new severe strain of fireblight going around… several members including Clark has been hit with it… and varieties prevoiusly thought to be quite FB resistant… get wiped out from it.

Yes… including kieffer and orient.

I have 2 kieffer trees grafted to callery last spring… kieffer and improved kieffer. They are developing some nice scaffold branches this year.

I was planning to add grafts of orient to them…

Sounds like now I need to completely top work them and perhaps add bell and perhaps clarks yellow pear and ayers… warren.

IDK exactly what to do yet… but kieffer and orient trees and others were killed dead by this new FB.

I had awefull FB here in TN this spring… my new kieffer pears were not blooming yet… so were not affected.

All my apples that were blooming… toasted.
I removed 4 apple trees… that were covered in FB strikes. I kept my Novamac b9 espellar… but removed 20 or so fruit spurs from it that had FB. I was hoping that it would be OK after that… but while watering it yesterday found 3 more shoots on it that have FB.

These were not fruit spurs… or blossoms… but shoots new growth… brown/black wilted, crooked on the end.

I am removing those down to the scaffold branch… have my doubts about it surviving this.

Not sure if what I got this spring was the new FB… but it sure was hard on my apples.


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