Nursery inventory


I’ve decided that, while I will do some grafting as well, I will probably start off by ordering a couple trees. Most likely from one of the online/mail order nurseries. No local nurseries here seem to have decent stock of anything outside the most common varieties most of the time. If they do, they’re rootbound container trees, not bare-root.

I’ve heard good things about Adams County, and being relatively close, they would be in a similar, albeit slightly cooler, climate to me – but they have almost nothing in stock now – when do they start updating their inventory for fall shipping? Or are they really that low on everything?

Raintree I’ve heard mixed things about, but the “jist” being that they’re good for a “big” nursery, better than the comparable Stark Bros.

There’s also that Amish nursery whose name escapes me (I can look in my other thread about grafting rootstocks).

Grandpa’s has a message that almost sounds like they’re not sure they’ll be in business…(says check back in December for spring shipping).

Even if I end up planting in spring (since there’s less going on at that time, except planting onions and peas), I’d still like to know when everyone updates their inventory.


Hi Bryan,

This is a friendly suggestion to use the search function in the upper right hand corner. There’s a whole lot of great info on this site and you might find that some of your questions have all ready been answered with well-considered responses. This thread can be a helpful place to post as well:


Grandpa’s will almost certainly have spring stock available, probably updated in December. I think they are a smaller retail offshoot of a larger wholesale operation, and the wholesale side takes priority. Their trees have been very good for me.


Ztom is correct on Grandpas and ACN is sold out for the year if they say they are sold out now unless an order is canceled and they would add that inventory back onto the website. More likely though they already have standing orders that would be filled and you will not see inventory added for the public to see.


Sold out as in including for Spring, 2018?


Cummins Nursery has some stuff listed now but new stuff is added until about January.




Ok. Well, I guess I need to look elsewhere.

I was hoping for a Glenglo peach, and nobody else carries it.


So looks like ACN is one of those places you have to plan two years ahead for.


Be forewarned that ACN does not have available every variety they show on their page every year. ACN is a great nursery they just have some little quirks… then again I guess we all do!

So what I mean is if you are counting on ordering a Glenglo from them next year I wouldnt put all my eggs in that basket alone as they may not have any even then. You may want to call their office now and put in a order or at minimum inquire as to if they will have any available for order next year.


Definitely worth a call to ACN. I’ve gotten things before from nurseries that weren’t listed.

As far as apples, I forget what rootstock you wanted to go with, but Century Farm orchards has a bunch of trees on B9. They have several good Southern varieties as well, which tend to be a bit lower maintenance in hot, humid climates.

Bay Laurel Nursery, you can order now and it can be delivered in early February. They’re notorious for root over-pruning, which is annoying, but they otherwise ship healthy stock.

And of course, Cummins, as has been previously mentioned.

Those are just a few suggestions though. Really, it would probably just be best to go to the Nursery list on the reference page, and you can just go Nursery by Nursery to see who is selling what right now.