Nut chip budding with dormant stock and scion

Planning on doing some bench grafting of pecans soon and was wondering on my smaller rootstocks can I throw a chip bud on it? No idea if that will work or not but I thought I would ask.

I’m guessing from the lack of responses that this may have been a stupid idea, is there a way to delete a posting?

Don’t delete! It’s a good question, but the people who know the answer are probably just busy. I have never grafted nuts so I held off on comments, but I do want to see what the nutty people have to say.

My understanding is that grafting to dormant stock usually doesn’t work so well, the reason being that the scion is likely to dry out and die before it can knit to the stock. But I’ll bet there’s somebody here who will say that yes, you can do it, but you have to take some special steps. And I’m curious to know.

So please, leave your post up. If it gets ignored it won’t hurt anything, and it might get answered.

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But to answer your question, you can delete a post by clicking on the three dots next to the reply button and going from there.

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I did a lot of chip bud on peaches, and pears. I tried a few persimmons and grapes. All work good. I never tried grafting nuts since I just have four Chinese chestnut seedlings. I think you can tried to do chip bud on the small rootstocks. The good side of chip bud is that you don’t hurt the rootstocks much and you can make up if you fail. I mean you can graft again if the chip buds fail to sprout.

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The rootstock will be budding out when I graft bud the scion would be fully dormant, I may try a few on any puny rootstocks I receive.

That sounds much better than grafting to dormant stock. Probably a good idea to thoroughly water the rootstock a couple of days before you graft to it.

I thought there might be hope in chip budding nut trees when I learned a Texas or California nursery that chip buds pecans late in the year while the bark is still slipping. This was prior to reading Bill Reid’s pecan blog where he is adamant that chip budding doesn’t work for nut trees. My buddy and I did 20 or more chip buds one afternoon last year and later in the year at the correct time and we had zero success. The chip’s we did were on well established & in ground rootstocks. I doubt I’ll try again. I remember saying to my buddy time after time ‘wow I’m getting perfect matches on my work.’

Mega chip budding on the other hand does work. I showed how to mega chip graft in this tutorial



Thanks dax, I guess that answers my questions. I’m glad you guys with experience are willing to share your knowledge.

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