Older Pear ID Help


I don’t believe I can order from ON, but I did see that St. Lawrence Nursery carries Tyson. I’ll either order one from them next year or find a source of scion wood to graft one of my own.


Can I be first in line to get a scion from you once your grafts are capable of producing good scions? :slight_smile:


Singing Tree sells Tyson and many other interesting pear scions. One stop shopping to get you started.


Is Singing Tree run by Richard Fayey? Mail order only? I recently obtained his mailing address


Yes. Could you please ask him if you could share his email?

The Black Ice he sent me was not good. I want to let him know. Email would be faster than mail. Thanks.


I do not have his email address, only his mailing address. My impression was that he isn’t an “online” person at all, but I could be mistaken.


On the Reference section of this forum, there is a sub-category called Scionwood Sources. Singing Tree is one of them.


I should have thought of that :confused:

I asked another fruit grower from another forum for his mailing address. I see from the PDF of the '16-'17 scion list that he has a number of apple varieties I’d like to obtain as well.

Thank you


For anyone else who may be reading this you can contact Richard Fahey via mail and send a SASE for his scions list. The address is Singing Tree Acres Rd 2, Oxford, NY 13830. Richard is in his 70’s so he does not use things such as email.


Clark. Deadline for ordering has passed, the way I read it.


Yes I think most everyone’s trees are growing now. Not much likely that could be done this year to get pear scions of tyson unless they come from further north or in higher elevation. I’m not sure the zones or dormancy in colder locations. It’s possible to get a tbud later and I think that’s the best possibility. Tyson is a very slow grower similar in nature to seckle so most of us won’t have scion wood to spare for a few years unless we get a crossed branch that needs trimmed out. Once in awhile for some reason I’ve never figured out that class of trees grows like a weed. I have at least 2 trees that are supposed to be seckle now and one is surely not. The fast growing seckle I have in my opinion is an imposter. Likely my other is a seedling sugar pear of some type. Worden is another seckle seedling that is a slow grower. No one knows if tyson is related to seckle but some hypothesize it’s a wild seedling of seckle. The other very high quality seckle seedlings such as Magness are slow and late bearing as well. For those not familiar with Magness it’s a cross of two of the best pears there is which are Seckel x Comice.


Any chance that Sue’s pear could be Southworth? I know that pear originated near Duluth, it’s not that far across the lake from Duluth to the U.P.


I don’t think its southworth since it’s not as sweet as bartlett https://npgsweb.ars-grin.gov/gringlobal/accessiondetail.aspx?accid=%20PI+541350.