Olive Tree Cultivar ID?

OMG, Matrix, that is a wonderful reply, thank you. I’ve actually copied it all, and pasted it into a Word document.

As far as pollination went this spring, I think we must have had a banner year for flowering and pollen distribution, because I had THE worst spring allergies here that I have ever had. I don’t usually have allergies in the spring here. Just in the fall, when all the California native coastal scrub plants are in bloom. But, I am sure it was all my olive trees blooming. Olives are very high up there on the list of tree allergen offenders. So, going to have to learn to deal with it, because I’m not giving up my olive trees.

And your helper is awfully cute!! He looks very excited to use the mallet, lol!!

Yes, outstanding reply, Matrix! Thanks for sharing!

My Spanish olives are on the small side but they water cure (rinse once a day) within a week or two before I brine them in the refrigerator. I make two knife slits from top to bottom on the olives before putting them in the water. Here they are in the finishing brine:

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If you are still interested in purchasing the Castelvetrano olive tree go to Olive trees-Frantoio olive tree, Arbequina olive tree, Leccino, Maurino, Coratina, Pendolino -
they have them for sell.

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Thanks, Terry. I was able to find a couple of Castelvetrano trees last season, but I think MrClint was possibly looking for this really incredible cultivar. Good for them that they are now growing it for sale.

Patty S.