One lucky guy


Definitely not 20th Century. 20th has non-russeted yellow skin.

Russeted brown skin can be any variety, KG, Chojuro, Hosui, Kosui, Shinko, etc. KG aka Olympic is the largest among them if you thin heavily and let only a few on the tree.


Besides squirrels, my Asian pear pests are stink bug, stink bug, stink bug. It turns pear into patches of stone


Last year the stink bugs really worked over my Korean Giant but this year I haven’t seen any damage. Even the ones I didn’t bag are okay.


Lucky you. I saw young ones all over my grapes and raspberry. I am pretty sure they will move on to my pears later. I hate to use pesticides because it kills other beneficial insects too


Surround spray as deterrent works well with stink bugs. You need to time it well before they start doing damage.


I’m looking for Korean giant Scions. I planted a Chijuro and a 20th Century Pear trees this year and want to graft the KG on both. I know I will have Scions I the Chujuro and it the other grows someore I wiil Scions from it two. re you interested in trading?