Oops, I probably poisoned a rabbit

I was really liking growing in the inexpensive plastic bags. The grafts were doing great.

Then all of the sudden grafts were tipping over and the dirt was loose. For 2 weeks I could not figure it out. While watering today I came to a freshly defrocked bag. Normally I keep them rolled up tight. Imagine my surprise when a big fat female Oak Toad emerged!

I’m shocked she managed to hop her big fat butt up that high. But it looked like she hit 5 bags before she burrowed in that one. Set her lose in a cool thicket.


Sounds like an expensive way to poison them. There are normally hundreds of rabbits and most come out at night when most are sleeping. Easiest way is poison bait stations. That is unless you are going for rabbit stew.

A .22 long rifle bullet is reasonably cheap and very effective on rabbits.

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@elivings1 … not hundreds of rabbits here… they normally show up in pairs… and while they are out at night… normally late evening they come out and hang around my garden.

Big patch of kale there…

I killed the pair about a week ago… and have seen no more since.

I myself do not have a regular 22 rifle… my son has a ruger 10/22. We have a couple 22 pistols.

I have a marlin 22mag that I bought with fur money in the early 80s… it still shoots great… but at longer distances (over 100 yards) cant hang with the awesome little 17 hmr.

Most regular 22 rifles are just not that accurate past 50 yards… so I never owned one. I did a lot of preditor hunting… not just squirrels or rabbits… but fox coons and yotes and bobcats.

The cost of 17hmr and 22wmr is similar.

The 17 is quite a bit faster and flatter
, more accurate… and it is not all that loud either.
It is by far my fav critter getter.

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Trap them rabbits or get a pcp .22 pellet gun with scope.

Coons are a big issue here, along with squirrels, chipmunks, voles, mice, possum and deer. Paw traps are excellent for coons, but can’t use them here for a number of reasons. I use live cage traps and shoot with a .22 pistol.

These are paw traps. Coons usually get 1 paw in them not 2!

(Internet meme photo.)

coon found out cens

But as you see, they make a mess of the ground. Everything is grass here. And nosey neighbors are an issue for me.

Coons have been flipping my flat bait stations all over the place. Gave up on most of them. I went to the tube type bait station and have had no problems. I can spike it in the ground and zip tie to a T-Post.

I found 2 baby rabbits living in a small rat bait station. Slammed it shut and dumped them in a bucket of water. I’d luv to be out in the country where you can shoot out of your back window…or front window for that matter.

Yep, rabbits generally like early morning or dusk. Especially if I let the grass grow and they can hide in it some.

Trapping Voles in the Garden (youtube.com)

Try that for voles.

I break up rat poison into small chunks and put near the hole, almost in it. After the poison stops being taken in the hole, I fill it up. If it is dug out again, I start back up with the poison. Don’t do it if you got pets. Use a bait station or put the poison deep in the hole.

Or get some mink or rat dogs.

Mink and Dogs Clean Up GIANT Rat Infestation! (youtube.com)

I have a 50+ year old Ruger 10/22. It is accurate out to 75 yards and reasonably accurate at 100 yards. But! I’ve spent a lot of time practicing and know how much it drops with increasing distance. It has to be cleaned regularly to maintain accuracy. I have shot rabbits with a 12 gauge but prefer to use the 22.


Apparently Kansas rabbits dont realize that they are poison. I have seen them eat the greens then dig at the bulb and eat it too.

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I looked out my bathroom window early morning last Spring to see a rabbit going all Cool Hand Luke on my Blueberry bushes. Just down the row biting down the cane and then moving right along to the next one.


It seems I’m a fresh farmer here UpState NY conquering New York wilderness trying to grow something edible on a soil carrying 4.4 pH
Grape seems to be a survival plant. But porcupines and woodchucks decided that stupid guy invested his life to provide a simple meal to their family members.
Mr. Google has provided with zero results for any real solution ( like a poison) to that problem. Plastic net I installed around my acre works well against deer but not for hooligans like porcupines and woodchucks. They are real destroyers , senseless vandals. They damage more than they could digest.
Any solution coming from the experience is welcomed.

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No suggestion for woodchucks and porcupines, but a 12 gauge works pretty good on oppossums. I shot one in the door of my chicken house a few minutes ago.

Porcupine and woodchucks often live in dens.

At the den entrance… steel traps can be set… 220 conibear type traps or common leg hold traps…

Wire cage box traps can also be used.

Porcupine love salt and are attracted to the smell of it. Salted meat should lure them into a box type trap. Wood chucks prefer a nice ripe cantaloupe.

Trap them. Or lay in wait for them… and give them a load of hot lead. Many rifles would work… 22… 22 mag, 17 hmr, a shotgun would certainly do a good job of it out to 40 yards or so depending on the guage and choke.

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