Opal Plum


Thanks for the new replies, Dax and Bob. Since the odds are at least decent that the graft will live (providing it’s done properly…whole 'nother issue) I can proceed with the graft, maybe do some budding when I get new buds on the graft, and get a Euro tree as needed. I’m down to my last unused corner of my fenced area, and I gotta think carefully about what will go there.


I took a pic today and it seems OK to me. It was a chip bud (using only an elastic band to secure it) that I made on 8/29/2015, so it has grown for 2 years. I see what looks to be flower buds on it, so maybe it will fruit at the same time as it’s parent tree that I got the wood from.



Were the Opals gummy in texture like some euro plums can be? Or were they melting and juicy?

The pictures are beautiful.


Opal plums were nicely textured, not all that tjuicy like my Japanese hybrids. Kinda firm like my Stanley, but a bit more delicate. At full ripeness the flesh was like jelly. I still have a gallon or so in the freezer, these are really firm😉
Thanks for the complement, its feels good to look at photos of some summer fruit now…