Opinions wanted: Favorite raspberry varieties?


Thanks. Are you saying Encore is the consistent producer? Isn’t it a late season berry, and have you had issues with SWD with them?

I’ve read that Prelude may also produce a small fall crop. Does yours do that?


I know you’re asking Drew, but I’ll but in. Here Prelude produces a huge summer and fall crop. Good numbers, good size.


Thanks. Didn’t you say in a previous post Prelude is your favorite?

How have your floricanes looked so far? Do you think they’ve made thru the winter okay? I know it’s still winter, but I imagine the worst cold ought to be behind us.


Yes, like prelude, but not as prolific, lower yields than prelude.

Yes which means mid to late July for summer bearing. it is the last for a summer crop. I have Taylor nearby and they hare hard to tell apart by looking. Taylor is a better berry. Usually SWD is light till late July, I have more problems on my fall bearing crop. I don’t really remember if i had SWD issues with this berry? Probably.

What Mike said. Not sure why it’s considered summer bearing? I guess that crop is bigger.

All my canes look fine this year, I should have a huge summer and fall crop this year.

I should get a nice crop of my own cultivar and can compare to Double Gold. It looks a lot like Double Gold, although I know the seed is from Anne. I should have some Double Gold summer to make a direct comparison.


Yes, I like all our raspberries, but if I had to choose only one to grow it would be Prelude. I can never tell for sure if they made it until they actually start leafing out, which, this year looks to be a good month away still. What seems to do the canes in during winter is a combination of lack of snow cover, extreme cold, and harsh winds. My gut tells me they’ve held up pretty well this year. On all my primocane bearing cultivars (Fall Gold, Prelude, Anne, Heritage, Double Gold, Cascade) I’ve found if I have good winter survival of the floricanes, sure, I get a nice early summer crop. However, the primocanes coming up have more competition, aren’t as robust, and the resulting fall crop is a bit smaller. Whereas, when a lot of the floricanes die from winter damage, the primocanes have less early season competition, are much more robust, and I get a huge fall crop, so it seems to pretty much even out. I should add, I never lose Fall Gold, they seem to handle the tough winters better than any other cultivar.


thats good to know! i guess ill have to put a row of fall gold in this spring. thanks!


Thanks, that makes sense about one year’s canes out-competing the other year’s canes, just so much energy and nutrients to go around.

Yes, Fall Gold sounds like a possibility besides Boyne or Encore. I have a lot of red rasps coming in, so maybe another yellow would be nice, although I also have Anne and will be adding Double Gold.

I’d like to find a summer bearing yellow, but they are hard to find. I think @Drew51 had mentioned there’s a few varieties out there like Cascade Gold.


Yes Honey Queen is another, unfortunately hard to find. I nice fall bearer is Kiwi Gold, yet again good luck finding. I know others are out there too, I’ll look around.


Park Seed carries Cascade Gold by the way.
Here is a chart of various ripeness, all taste good, it does get batter as it turns darker.

The cross which produced ‘Cascade Gold’ was made in 1979 at the Washington State University Puyallup Research and Extension Center (WSU Puyallup) between ‘Malling Delight’ as the female parent and a pollen parent recorded as SHRI 6820/41. In 1989, the identity of the pollen parent of ‘Cascade Gold’ was determined to be incorrect (R.J. McNichol, personal communication) and remains unknown.


I like the places that will sell you one plant of a variety. Then you can’t test several kinds to see what does well in your location.


I got a first taste of BP1 yesterday. Its better than my Polka. I haven’t tasted any other reds. Josephine’s are ripening. Cant wait to try those!

@zendog let me know how your BP1 and Josephine taste.


i just put one in my bed. be able to try it next summer. was slow to establish.i have polka also. not liking them too much. autumn britten has the best flavor for a red i find here. they arent as productive as polka but the flavor is worth it! put in some nova and killarny on another property i manage. should get to try them next july.


id like to try them but they arent as easy too come by as other yellow varieties. bought 15 plants from pense nursery. 5 were supposed to be joan j. went to check them the other day and 3 of them had a few yellow berries. found out they sent me double gold by mistake. contacted them and they’re going to send me 5 joan j next spring. double gold fruits too late for primocane crop for me but should give me a great florocane if i tip the primocanes before they flower. flavor is the best I’ve had in a raspberry!


Baker Creek (rareseeds.com) has Glencoe thornless plugs for sale. They’re tiny at first, less than 6 inches, but they grow very fast. They don’t have the link to live plants for sale open now, I think they only open it in spring. Just offering another option.


Love kiwi gold. Was my sons favorite fruit


I like barely ripe double gold. Firm but very sweet


I have grown 30+ Recommended varieties and if I had to limit myself to 2, they would be Caroline and Anne


I like Cascade Gold as the best yellow, it has problems with root rot, so it’s a fussy one. I only got a few this year. It seems less hardy than others too. The size of Josephine is amazing and the taste is excellent. I need to try it a few more years, it has tons of potential. All depends what you need. For production Prelude is amazing, tart berries, come out excellent for processing. Himbo Top is low acid/sweet and gives Prelude a run for it’s money on production. So that covers fresh and processed berries right there. Both are tough and disease resistant. Seem to out perform everything else. Again though a lot better tasting ones out there with various advantages and disadvantages.
I grow Caroline and Anne and they are very fine berries, you can’t go wrong with them, but to me others are better tasting and still others produce better. We are getting picky now, Anne and Caroline are top shelf examples. I also like Encore, Taylor, Polka, Fall Gold, and Honey Queen.
Taylor and Polka stand out in that group. Some consider Taylor the finest tasting raspberry. Old school one, hard to find, not that productive either.


I agree completely with you. There are other better tasting, but not by much in my opinion, and there are others more productive but both Anne and Caroline performed very well for me overall.

I love Josephine and Taylor. Taylor is absolutely amazing but was not productive for me. Tons of growth but few berries.

In Utah, Glencoe was my best tasting purple.
Yellow Sugana was probably my favorite flavored yellow but didn’t produce well enough.


Caroline to me is the best blend of productivity and flavor. Anne is more prolific but not as good. Double gold fall gold’s flavor is the best but it’s too crumbly.