Patented Fruits

Hi, Jesse/ Wizard here.
I colon for years And will start grafting this year, all kinds of fruits. I am wanting to start selling plants. Do not want to get into any trouble. I bin trying to find lists of Patented / Unpatented fruits.
I may have a green thumb, but not to good at finding things online sometimes. Can anybody guide me to the proper sites to find the lists I need. Like Currants, Gooseberries.kiwis,Figs,Paw Paws, Stone Fruits,etc, and perhaps Flowers. No sites of mumbo Jumbo, but that take me right to it.
Thank You for your time Jesse/Wizard

See if this helps, Jesse.

That’s handy.

Anything interesting going off patent soon?

Hi. Jesse here
Clicked on the link displayed. Can’t get no where with it.
Hoping there is a site, for example, type in gooseberry. And a list of of all gooseberries that were able to propagate and legal sell, pops up.
Thanks everybody , i will work on it some more. Jesse/wizzard

Jesse here
Thanks need access to some lists for all types of fruit’
Later Jesse/Wizzard

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We have a PBR database in Australia, scroll down as it has a link to a directory for other countries that could be of more use to you.

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