Peach growth chart

@Olpea I have this nectaplum (nectarine) planted early in spring, is now a good time to remove vertical growth shoots and select the outward growing shoots lower on the trunk.

It doesn’t look like there is a lot of selection choices at this point. I think right now, I would simply tip the more vertical growing shoots. Take, say, 4" off those. That will keep them from growing taller, and encourage them to bush out more. It gives more time for the tree possibly sending out some adventitious buds lower down. I wouldn’t get in a hurry to select any scaffolds on that tree at this point.

We planted lots of trees which look like yours this spring. Typically, if they are growing good, they will eventually start pushing some adventitious buds. Not so much this season necessarily, but next season, if they are kept tip pruned, they will start pushing newly formed adventitious shoots up and down the bare trunk.