Peach-tree Borers!


I have more contenders I grafted last year I can move out of my little nursery bed to replace it but yeah was not happy to see the culprit. It turned out to be a pretty bad day for the borer too.


I hope you stabbed it with a wire just for a revenge. Sorry for the loss.


Smashed it with my fingers, lol.


Look like you need to spray your little nursery bed.


You may be correct, this is the first peach tree borer I have found. But I am sure there are probably more


Hey yall. Checking in on trunk painting with neem. Hows it working, are trees ok with it?
Im going to try it this year if no one reports any issues. Mine is going over the white trunk paint. Is that ok to do?


I’m still doing it, just painted a week ago. Putting it over white paint should not matter, if anything it will be better as the neem will not be directly on the bark.

In the last year I found one borer on 50 or so peach trees.


Thank u Scott
Thats great numbers


@Matt I have for the last four years bought a couple borer fly pheromone lures from Gardens Alive in Indiana. I use a cut off milk gallon jug coated with Tangletrap on the inside, and come mid to late summer, it is infested with borer flys stuck on the inside. Hundreds.


Patrick do the traps catch pollinators i like the idea but dont want a lot of collateral damage


No, I have not seen honeybees etc stuck in the Tanglefoot.


I’m a big fan of Tanglefoot too. I haven’t see any honeybees stuck to it either. My guess is they don’t fly that close to the ground.




Hey Matt so what did you end up using against the peach tree borers ?


Hello again. I am glad the painting with Neem oil is doing well. Do you by chance have a link to some that you have purchased? The one I clicked on earlier in the thread is not sold any longer. I was going to try and look into it as it is a little more organic than permethrin. What type of schedule do you use on the trunk with the neem?

I live in Utah and University of Utah has a fruit growing Committee that sends out an email as far as when and what to spray. Starting around The end of June is when you first apply the permethrin and then every month after that until September. I have been doing this for a few years but wonder if it is needed that much. In my old house I used the same schedule because there was such a bore problem with all of my trees. Even honey locust trees(I think it was a beetle)

My biggest question about permethrin that I am hoping someone can answer is does it absorb into the trunk and eventually put into the fruit? I am spraying the trunk of the tree and a little at the base. Is there any concern for the permethrin systemically absorbing into the tree and going into the fruit? If so then I will stop using it. But if not I will continue. What are your thoughts? As always anyone’s suggestions are always welcome.


Yes I see that one is no longer sold. Just get any pure cold-pressed neem. for example

I am now mixing the neem with raw linseed and sesame oils which are a bit cheaper and are also containing compounds bugs don’t like. I do something like 1/3 of each now.

I don’t think permethrin is a systemic but I don’t use it or know a lot about it.


Thanks for the reply. I will check out that neem oil. And the others. Would Monterey’s horticultural oil work as Protection against bore as well?