Peach Tree from TyTy

I strongly disagree with this sentiment. One can’t count on the tree being mis-labeled, but if one needs the variety intended, and doesn’t have an extra 3 years to screw around, one should behave as though it is mis-labeled.

There is an unspoken understanding with reputable businesses that they will act in good faith above some basic level of competence and ethics.

I’ve heard enough plausible 1st hand reports from people with whom I have some history to judge Tyty as dramatically failing those most basic pre-requisites.

In my personal “naughty or nice” list I’ve filed that business as a bad actor to be shunned.

Now, yes, its possible that by happenstance things have worked out such that it was more convenient for Tyty to actually send the variety intended rather than something else, but I would at best treat the tag as a notional suggestion. Even a 5% mislabel rate would be poor, and that’s for a company that acknowledges their mistakes, and is mortified when they occur. Tyty appears to do neither.

Even without their past actions and reputation, the specimen in question has a top hugely out of proportion with the roots, sent bare-root while in leaf, is a hack job shape, and has some dead wood.

If I had a lot of extra space, I might plant it. But it isn’t even a good candidate for rootstock, as one would be ahead with a smaller tree in better proportion.


I live about an hour southeast of Tyty,.and work about 30 minutes west of Tyty .

I bought my first and only trees from them in early spring of 1994 . Only one of about 40 trees turned out to be true to label. It was a methley plum . Every one of the 8 varieties of plums we bought were methley . Not one of the 20 peaches was correct. None of the 8 apples or 4 pears were correct.

Now nearly 30 years later, none of the hundreds of people I hear from in this area nor the people I have heard from since I joined the online forums a few years ago have received properly labeled plants. Not one person have I ever heard from has received what they paid for.

How this business is still in business is a complete mystery to me.

I am angered when I see the posts where people have decided to just not do business with any Georgia nursery because of Tyty and their aliases.
Some of the finest people in have ever come in contact with have nurseries here. I am hoping to be able to start a small nursery myself. But I know that I will be handicapped from the start just because I am in the same state.


Tyty has bad reputation for sure and I try to avoid it as much as I can . I have never bought any stone fruit trees from them. I did bought flower plants from them and the plants were the right flower plants I received. From people shared above, It sounds like that their biggest issues are in fruit trees ( maybe other areas). Sending out mislabeled trees, or they don’t have the correct trees started out with?
What did you do after you discovered the trees you received were not the correct trees?

BTW I just went to Tyty website. They have total of 13 peaches listed. If all these peaches were shipped with wrong label, we may be able to collect our experiences and advise people not to buy peach from them or any fruits trees that known have labeling issues in the past.

If you’re a Georgia nursery that sells through mail-order, the first thing you should do is make it clear on your website and any printed materials that you have no connection of any kind with TyTy.

Good luck!


It is pretty obvious that they buy whatever trees of any species that is cheapest, then make labels for any variety that is in demand. Whatever is in demand you can bet they have one with that label.


@Klinco … i got this shiro plum from a different nursery earlier this spring.

It was a good sized tree… they had to lop it off to fit it in the box. The limbs were a little crazy… it was bare root and on that rather large tree… i found this for roots.

Very small root ball… yikes.

I planted it and took off all limbs except 4 near the top which had scaffold potential… and even pruned them to be about a foot long each.

I gave the planting hole some extra bone meal and compost to encourage rooting.

Here is what it looks like today.

Looks like itis going to be ok to me.

Mine was dormant when it arrived… which no doubt helped.

Good Luck !!


In the past, I got trees from Stark that had way less roots, no small roots just few inches of big roots, but they all survived and grew. What makes the difference is my trees were still in dormant when I received them.


My one time ordering from TyTy, back around 1995-96 is reminiscent of this thread…
Two AU plum selections were just ungrafted plum seedlings of some unknown species, shipped bare root, fully leafed out, in mid- February. They lived, but never bore a plum over some now-forgotten number of years, I until the finally removed them.
‘Black Beauty’ mulberry was just a nondescript M.alba seedling producing tiny little tart berries…still alive but now has a gnarly old local M.rubra selection top worked on it.
Several other things I’ve now forgotten were nothing more than dead sticks with no roots.
When I finally got a response, my option was to sent the dead plants back, at my expense, for them to examine and pass judgement on, regarding replacement or refund…
No thanks…took my lumps and learned my lesson…


The local story goes ; An older retired gentleman that enjoyed growing and propagating fruit trees ran a small very respected nursery a little north of Tyty .At his death the nursery business was inherited by a neice and nephew who moved the business to US Highway 82 downtown unincorporated community Tyty and made it what it is today.

If that story is fact or fiction, I do not know, but I have been told that by several people from the community and a couple of nursery owners who supposedly knew the original owner.

I don’t suppose it really matters how it came to be what it is. It would seem logical for the state Department of Agriculture to have investigated and pulled the license by now. I suppose all commercial growers know to stay away and nobody has a big enough loss to expend the legal fees to stop the thievery.

I bought 4 blueberry bushes from ty ty … 5-6 years ago. My blueberries here were still dormant but when the ty ty bushes arrived they were bare root and fully leafed out… the leaves on them were wilted… some even brownish.

I planted them all… babied them … 3 died… one lost all leaves and then later came back… leafed out some and survived the summer. It is (or is supposed to be a tifblue)… it is one of my best producers now.

That was my only time to buy from ty ty.


Hi !
Remove weak and small branches, leaving only those to become main limbs for a central leader system( lowezst in North-Eastern, then up into North-Western, then up into South-Western and then final into South-Eastern directions all at a gap of 9 to 12 inches).
This plant gives you a chance to develop Starting point of skeleton at your eye level. Peaches are quite tough and by removing all branches, leaving 4 and pruining these branches even further to half will reduce burden on smaller root system.
As far as variety is concerned, you can graft on those 4 limbs yourself 4 favourite varieties later or just now when tree shows signs of new life.
I am sure it will grow !

Boy, I must have had my head in the sand when it comes to ty ty. Not sure how they can stay in business.

Went to their site to look around. On a happier note, found this pic representing McIntosh which I thought was super pretty. Love the variety of colors. Too bad we know it’s not their tree. I like the century farm pics with Dave out in front of his own trees. No copy and pasting, just the real deal.


Maybe it’s off this Amazon light switch.


Or this dietary food site

Or the Canaan supermarket

Can’t believe what you are looking at these days.


Those don’t even look like McIntosh apples!!


look like duchess of oldenburg to me.


McIntosh has some green on the skin, esp. on the stem end and is reddish, not pinkish.

This is typical McIntosh

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Please plant it normally in ground after pruning and later take very good care of it by fertilizing and watering. In pot you can grow any other plant. Do not waste pot and other resources on an unknown plant.

If you are in driving distance of Baxley Georgia, I recommend County Line Plant farm. They have a bunch of everything. Over 50 huge green houses and good people to deal with.
A good mail order in Georgia is Bottoms Nursery. They’re FB and website, but they sell out early. I’ve gotten peaches, blueberries, and elderberries from them.

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Here is my current peach of the same variety leafing out at my house:

Here is the TyTy peach that was already leafing out when I got it:

Is this a good indicator they are in fact not the same variety or potentially a case of different growing conditions? I’m in Colorado and TyTy is in Georgia obv.