Peach tree help please

The Y shape is probably more productive. Well the last 2 years all my fruit buds were killed, so I’ll keep them around a little longer and see what happens.

I’m one who doesn’t prune my peach trees the first year and doing so shouldn’t reduce overall growth based on any study I’ve ever seen on the general subject. Overall tree size should actually be greater at end of season one.

The point of pruning the first year is so you don’t waste time on unnecessary growth when you are growing a peach with a very short trunk- which is pretty much how they are always grown commercially. I let the tree grow the first year to see where the vigor is and where the tree wants to send the trunk from. I straighten the trunk with a conduit stake if necessary the second year.

If you have a lot of coons, possums, deer and/or squirrels in your area a 4’ stretch of trunk before first branches can be invaluable to set up pest control or keep fruit above deer browse.

That is something researchers never need consider.

I think I would have great satisfaction watching the squirrels try to climb a baffle. Also if greased I would add cayenne pepper just to punish them for trying.

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I think the squirrels wait for cool nights and then use axle grease for traction. I make a mixture of motor and axle grease to get the proper and reasonably long lasting slickness.