Pear blooming on new growth

I grafted a Douglas pear scion onto a young D’anjou tree this year. The graft is really taking off. And it has buds forming on the new growth! Is this a normal thing?

I feel like I’ve only seen pears flower on previous years stems.



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Premature puberty, for sure- must be all the hormones in the food chain … :wink:

I’ve never seen it on pear- betcha Clark @clarkinks might have, and Bill (@Auburn might have. At any rate, I wouldn’t let it set fruit. I had a yellow delicious do that early on and I think it held it back.

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I have a few pears and apple put out an out of season shoot with bloom ever year. I normally pinch them off just to make sure fireblight doesn’t get started through the bloom.

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Douglas does set fruit quickly. We usually call blooms on new growth later in the season rat tail blooms but im not sure what to call these. I’ve not seen douglas do that before.

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Is Douglas fire blight resistant, Clark? If so, I think I’d like to add it next year if anyone could spare wood for trade or postage.

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Douglas did have a fireblight strike this year but it is normally very resistant to fireblight. Here is more about Douglas Douglas Pear