Pear buds, blossoms, and fruit


I went away for 6 dapys. Now that I’ve returned, my only Magness pear was gone!!! I don’t even know when It would be ripe.

My Harrow Sweet pears are along way to go. No critters are interested in them yet.


I’ve had a few smaller not so ripe fruit but here is my first really nice one. Supposed to be Kieffer but obviously not. Tasted really good. Not terribly sweet but sweet enough to be good.



A pear bandit! That’s terrible! Stealing magness is a serious offense. A storm came through and knocked down all my harrow sweet besides 1 small one, knocked off my Korean giant, etcetera.


Great looking pear! Great Job!


On that tree, I have had one Magness and one Bartlett-like pear ( from my neighbor’s tree). Whatever took the Magness left the other pear alone as if it knew which one tasted better. Very maddening.


Harvested my Ayers pears . Young tree so this is the entire crop . The red blush is very attractive . Tried one . Very tasty . Wondering why I never hear much about them . 5 oz fruit size .


How long are those Ayers pears? I hear that they are tiny. I can’t visualize 5 ounces.


Tennis bal size .


Very impressive ayers Jerry!


They look better than the ones my trees produced. Very sweet indeed.


Spring 2018 is approaching faster than I like and so far the pear trees are spurring up for a bumper crop. I’m not naive enough to believe there is ever a perfect year. The fruit buds look extremely good!


Good stuff @clarkinks. I’ve noticed the same on my pear trees as well.


All my mature trees with perhaps the exception of Baldwin are spurring up exceptionally well this year as well. Despite all the recent cold, Winnie and Golden Boy are acting like they are fixing to start waking up.








Southern Bartlett


Very nice @clarkinks things look if the frost holds off late you will be booming with fruit!

@coolmantoole, i had a seedling Leconte that bite the dust a few years ago, didn’t know folks grew them for eating, interesting!


A true LeConte is a really good pear. With a seedling, it’s anything goes as with any pear.


2018 pear buds are swollen for Douglas, Duchess d’angoulme, kieffer, & an unknown named variety.


Looks like you have a very enthusiastic helper there, @clarkinks.

Some of my pears have lots of those spurs on their branches. If those are fruit spurs, can I expect fruit from them or will they just bloom and nothing else? These two trees are over 10ft tall, and have been in the ground for two years. They are Moonglow and Pineapple.


They will fruit like crazy this year If they are swollen and fat like that. Yes the dog was having more fun than I can put into words! If they are spurred up like that and not fat it might be another 1-3 years.