Pear buds, blossoms, and fruit


Had similar on LeConte, just a few fruits here and there, IMMEDIATELY REMOVED back to green unaffected wood. Hoping someone with a little more experience can chime in…


My harrow delight is blooming and I don’t have any other pears blooming now. Is it self pollinating? There are bradfords that are blooming now, would they pollinate it? I sure hate to miss the opportunity this year to taste this one



These are espaliers. created alot of spurs in a short time.


Taking off all those perfectly formed fruitlets … ugh!



The photo does not look real bad to me. It looks like the normal self thinning process so far. Also, I will point out that the cold damage on my trees last year turned black but was not fire blight. it was just cold damage. Not everything that turns black on a pear tree is fire blight. If black is accompanied by the shepherds hook shape and the little droplets of amber colored fluid where the black meets the green, then for sure you have fire blight. God bless.



Good info. Thanks @coolmantoole. I don’t think mine was related to cold damage, but will take some pictures if I see and more of it. by the way…all the scions you sent me are doing great.


Callery will pollinate it if they are overalapping. It may or may not set fruit it’s first year blooming.


Glad that the scions are doing well. God bless.


It is second year bloom , last year it froze. It is the earliest pear to bloom for me


Is this like what you are describing? I have had several of these.

No cold damage here…


That’s more convincingly fire blight than the earlier picture.


It sure looks like it to me… it’s just been an isolated fruitlet occasionally. I’ve pulled them off but not sure if I should cut anything out? I’ve sprayed with strep. That’s about the third one. It’s on an Orient that had a small strike last year with no recurrence.


Southern pears like Orient can usually handle a little fire blight without major problems. I would only be concerned if the afflicted flower rosett was on a spire arising directly from the main trunk. In that case, I would cut the rosett off to prevent blight getting into the trunk.


You know, it may be close to main trunk. I might better go look at that…:flushed:


I had a roset turn black on my goldenboy about six inches from a main branch. I’m not sure I caught it in time. I will be watching that spot on the main branch for several weeks. If it starts turning dark, the loppers will have to come out and the whole branch would have to go. I would sure hate that. God bless.



Closer picture of one I pulled off today… It’s not completely black like @k8tpayaso but close.


I cut the little branch off that held it. It’s off one of the main branches but there are three of them. Looking at the fruitlet area it looks as if the other two that I’ve broken off came from that same little branch. It’s about 4-5 inches long and I cut it at the trunk. So now I have an small cut at the trunk. What am I supposed to rub it with? Dilute bleach wipe?


It couldn’t hurt. Dip the clippers in bleach before using it on a pear or apple tree again. God bless.



“It is second year bloom , last year it froze. It is the earliest pear to bloom for me”
Harrow Delight will set fruit. It’s a July ripening pear. Bunch of the pears I grow are much earlier blooming.


It could be mislabeled, hard to say until it fruits. It is blooming befor kg which looks to be five days out


That’s about right. The Asian pears do bloom later.