Pear buds, blossoms, and fruit


Pears are not known for high yields so I would say I’d be lucky to get 7-8 bushels but some trees are just coming into full production. My red bartlett is tricky because it can produce half of 7-8 bushels by itself on a good year. I could wind up with half that or triple that. Weather has been a little dicey!


Red Bartlett is covered today on April 20th in blooms


Anybody know if this is spray damage or maybe to much bark dust?


Harrow sweet & harrow delight buds are looking great! Here are a few of the HS blooms!


I can’t tell by the photo what the issue is but can tell the plant looks like it’s suffering.


This a comice leaf my Bosc doesn’t have this yet.


My bet is on Pear leaf blister mites.

You could search old threads using the magnifying glass symbol on the top right corner next to your avatar. There are threads about this. It is a common pear issue.


Yes @mamuang is right those are pear blister mites The similar pear rust mite is also becoming more common & &


@coolmantoole - Marcus, i heard your magnesium comment in one of your videos and have been meaning to ask how much you have given your pear trees? I’ve been thinking i have a similar issue with one of my pears, so your use of Epsom salts is timely. Just wondering how much to use and how often. Thanks!


I would go light at first and wait and see how they react to it. An issue I always have to be careful of is that I have blueberries and huckleberries planted around most of my pear trees, and they really, really don’t like salinity. That means I can’t apply the salts very evenly but only around parts of the drip line away from berry bushes. I gave each tree a couple to three hands full around the drip line early this spring. Where it was one hand full or several depended on how big the tree was. Today I added a little more because it’s supposed to rain tonight and all day tomorrow. I will probably lay off for the rest of this year and do the same again next year. but we will see how the trees respond to this second dose in a few days. God bless.


I agree with you on the application of magnesium. I’ve used it myself most of my life on the soil in this area and when you need it you sure know it once it’s been applied.


Improved kieffer


Thanks, Marcus. I watered in about a handful and will see how it goes. Also added the same to 3 persimmons that i hope will flower this year…I heard that could help against fruit drop for them.



Small yellow pear is now blooming today which is May 1st! Got these photos just before the rain came in.


I’m getting some pretty good fruitset on all of my pears. They were last sprayed with copper about a month ago and are at the current stage below. When should I consider spraying again for things like fireblight and potential pests.



Are you able to “thin” these and if so, how?

Maybe you can develop a drone to go up there and do it. :grinning:



They won’t need thinned much since it rained while they were in bloom I bet they did not get great pollination. If I was trying to thin I would spray them with Sevin once the pollinators were safe.


May 8th Pear Pics:


Tennessee: A lot of them are not as blushed this year as they usually are.

Southern Bartlett




Granny Durden

If the squirrels don’t get them all I will have more pears than I will know what to do with this year. God bless.



A month away from a pear harvest and due to lack of rain and triple digit heat I’m expecting really sweet fruit this year. Conditions don’t always mean much but typically these conditions produce a favorable crop. Been a tough year in many ways and really good in others. My early blooming pears were a complete loss and my late bloomers were mixed results. Some trees have a heavy crop.