Pear buds, blossoms, and fruit


Great! Lucky you. This Year I will have only Bartlett and Flemish Beauty. None of my Seckels were pollinated. Grafted tree with three pears on it.


Pears look great Clark!

What do you do about thinning them? There is no way you can go through all your trees with all those pears and thin, right?


Do you have new pears (new to you) that set fruit for the first time this year?


Pollination and freeze mixed with blossom blast are my toughest obstacles. Sorry to hear you had these problems.
You can spray with carbyl which thins them. I usually have some spring freeze so it’s typically not a problem.
I do but most were wiped out by the freeze. I will post pictures later.


Sorry to hear about lossing many pears, Clark.
I have seen Magness and Fondante de Moulin-Lille set fruit again (only a few each) this year.

I hope they won’t end up like last year when some nasty animals took them.

Blake’s Pride also set a few pears this year. I hope they survive to maturity, too.


If they survive I would love to here your opinion of them. They are slow to fruit for me.


If they reach maturity safely, I will definitely report it.


You say those are a month away from harvest? They look small, what size to you expecting them to be when they’re finally ready?? Asking because I’m still waiting on getting my first taste of home grown pears…the 3 I have on my Leconte are already a decent size…need to take picture. Just not sure how to tell when they’ve properly ripened…


It could be August this year because our winter ran over by a month.


Some of my pears are shaping up fast. These are my small yellow pear.


how do you get the pears from the top off? looks like a 30ft pear tree


This old thread will explain my method of picking fruit from large pear trees Here comes the 2016 apple and Pear harvest!.


Red Bartlett and my small yellow pear are heavy with fruit! I added in some haralson apple pictures from a nearby tree because out of all the apples this one has the largest crop and I couldn’t help but be impressed. Hopefully no one minds to much that the the first few pictures are apples. The early blooming pears such as Douglas will be sparse but what I lost in those I gained in others! This crop is bending branches and just half way to maturity.


Your pears are loaded Clark. Nice going


Thanks this springs weather was touch and go during bloom time. How did you come out in Omaha overall on fruits? I have some complete losses and some complete wins. Diversity is the key to my success. It’s an unusual weather year which sometimes has an adverse effect on fruit growing. Fortunately for me the weather was on my side overall.


This is a good year for fruits production so far. No late frost issue and no hail storm yet. I have been dealing with the Japanese beetles lately with 2 applications of Sevin. Killed on contact and they are dead all over the ground. The weather was way too hot so my hybrid persimmon graft only at 50% take.



Japanese Beetles have completely stripped Honeycrisp apple trees and worked on other apples and grapes. The beetles are not touching my pear trees so far. They seem to go for highest sugar content fruits first and seem to prefer ripe fruits most followed closely by apples and grapes foliage.


This is what I think might be an Orient pear. (Walmart—labeled Kieffer). It matched up to Orient ripening times last year. What about this year? Beginning to blush. Bloomed late February/first of March. About a week earlier in bloom this year. Picked third week of August last year. Just seems to be maturing faster this year or may I’m still a long way from being “ripe”. What do you think? Is it still on an Orient time schedule?



Gosh Katy they look beautiful. Are they sweet? Or will it be a while before you know?


Second year to bear. Last year they were okay sweet but not extra sweet. We had a lot of rain last year. Hardly any rain this year. They should be another month from ripening but are sure looking like they are rushing into it timewise. I’m excited.