Pear buds, blossoms, and fruit



First year for flowers and now pears on ohxf 333 fourth year. Comice and Bosc.


Awesome, I love Bosc, I get that & clapp here from a local orchard guy, they don’t sell either variety they just let them rot so every year he asks me, I can’t say yes quick enough.


My Comice and Bosc are about 14th leaf. They took 7 yrs to produce. And are just now becoming productive. I’d say to thin Bosc heavily or it will go biennal. Same probably for Comice but mine doesn’t overset like Bosc.


I came home from a trip to see that my pears have grown to marble size. I went through and thinned most off. They all look more or less the same at this stage but I swear they’ll mature into different fruit!

Drippin Honey



Korean Giant

Some pretty red pear leaves