Pear issue, is it related to the spray?

Applied surround + Neem oil + Spinosad Thursday evening. Saturday morning I get this mess on my two newly planted pear trees which are FB resistant. Older pears are fine. Older and newly planted apple trees are fine. Any chance it’s related to the spray?

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Yes, Neem oil… Many (most?) pears can react negatively to it.


I just had something similar happen; see here: SOS Pear Disease ID and Treatment?

I had sprayed a holistic spray (with neem) at Bud burst/green cluster and this happened. I thought it was fireblight, but it hasn’t progressed and seems to be doing fine now.


Same here in previous year. Near defoliation of moonglow especially on tender young growth. I skipped pears this year.


The easiest way to know if it is what you sprayed or fireblight is by progression of the tissue damage. Sprays damage but stop after the initial damage. Fireblight continues to attack rapidly growing tissue. In this way you will have no question what the cause is. Anytime your spraying something it can negatively impact your plant. @mamuang mentioned on another post it can be a known issue.


I think adding oil to Surround spray defeats the purpose, from what I’ve heard. The Surround is supposed to come off on the insects’ feet, but oil makes it stick together, giving them a footing.