Pear Tree Pollination and Production

Has happend every year for 5 years. I thought grafted trees are supposed to fruit right away. That is the reason you buy grafted. It may be time to get the saw. :frowning: Btw. It is located next to ornamental pears, two plums, and peach tree. Only sliced horizontally. I noticed not all branches had these. So not all varieties are getting pollinated it seems.

I don’t know what to tell you. Did you slice any lengthwise, or just horizontally?

This is ornamental callery pear fruit.

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I’m thinking either your ‘multi-variety’ tree was not as advertised, or all the grafts died off and all you have is the callery rootstock


I think @Lucky_P has the best case scenario.

@Bkg73123, you thought a grafted tree would fruit right away. That is not always the case esp. pear. Some pear varieties take up to 10 years to fruit. All named pears are grafted. Rootstock pears like callery or OHxF do not produce edible or good tasting pears.


What Lucky and Mamuang said.

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