Pears that do not require the fridge(euro)

For Moonglow, it typically takes about 2-3 weeks of refrigeration based on my experience. This is after the pears pass tilt test. The color would have turned a slightly lighter green when pears are still on the tree. After 2-3 weeks of refrigeration, the color changes further into a yellowish green. That’s when I remove them from the fridge to further ripen on the counter.
If I leave them in the fridge, they will eventually reach the optimum ripeness too.


Another article discussing that in the presense of a high amount of ethylene gas ripening is not an issue otherwise refrigeration is a must with some types of pears. Ripening Bartlett pears - Ask an Expert

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I ran across a pdf file put out by Oregon state university. According to them these don’t require cold storage
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Cold storage before ripen
D’Anjou 2 moths
Comice 1 month
Packham’s triumph 1 month
Forelle 1 month
Winter Nellis 1 month


All of my pears ripen on the tree, Ayers, Pineapple, Maxine.
I chill them, because I like cold fruit.