Periodic Cicada Brood XIX

How are your trees in the orchard? They don’t seem to be interested in my pawpaws.


I saw two of the cicadas’ exoskeletal shells left on one of my Apricots last year.

They are hanging out in the pawpaws but not in massive numbers. They have done the same “trunk hugging” as in the picture.
I netted 4 smaller trees but some have found their way into all the nets.
I may remove the netting since it’s impinging on the growth of the trees and apparently is porous to the bugs.
I may try to wrap gauze or toule around a few branches with important grafts.

You may be a bit ahead of us. I see them but they gathering mostly on a maple and a hackberry in the yard. I’ll probably follow your lead and protect my smaller grafts.

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They love apple, maple and cherry trees. It doesnt seem like they do much of any damage. My new pup & chickens like to eat them.

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Wow yeah - that type of scene is what I remember from 2011, but so far has not happened yet. Perhaps too soon. Probably have the piles of carcasses in my future.

That’s their empty shells. They look weird coming out of their shell.

Picture from May 5th. They are still emerging out of the ground as of today May 14th.

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Caught a female in the dreaded act. On my Ponca blackberry. Note the black ovipositor.
Now I’m kinda depressed.

I had to cinch my netting tightly on the trunk that year. It did make the growth that year floppy shaped. There was no great solution, just a bunch of coping mechanisms.

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