Persimmon Ripening Data - Now with forms!

I cant wait to hear your thoughts on those!! :smiley:

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its too big to be saijo it looks similar to giombo. another local grows giombo in WA.


How do I amend / supplement my reports? When I filled out the reports, I made estimates of both the size and the duration of the harvest. For both my varieties, it’s been like the miracle of the loaves and fishes. For example, I guesstimated 50 fruits on my IKKJ. Well [and I can’t believe I’m saying this] I’ve now picked ~150 and there are more on the tree!


Wow! I wish I had that problem. I’ll see if there’s a good way to make it so you can amend your reports without it turning into the wild west, but you can also just tell me any corrections you’d like to make and I can edit the spreadsheet. Thanks for contributing!

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Sure, thanks. Here’re the updates:

  1. My single Prok tree has given me at least 300 fruits. There’s still some fruit on the tree. So amend the number to ~300 and the interval to late Sept to late Nov.

  2. My three IKKJ have given me ~150 already picked and maybe 50 more high up in the trees. So amend the number to ~200 and the interval to late Oct to late Nov. In this cold weather, the fruits are ripening slowly on the tree so the de facto end of season will probably be a hard freeze.

Here’s a sample of what I picked yesterday. Note that these fruits are 2-3 deep.


All set!

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Let’s keep this going, or is there another place where people have this information collected by now?


FWIW, I entered data on 2022. But I couldn’t tell you how to find the sheet.

We see you @jrd51! Rhode island!
Here is the link


I’m hoping someone can tell me about how to tell when my persimmon is ripe. Or if it has some disease/infestation. I’m worried because the fruits seem to be turning black and don’t look orange

The tree was planted by previous owner of property, in a row with other fruit trees, so I don’t know the type.

I’m in VA zone 6b and here are current fruit and tree pics

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