Persimmons recommendation for Georgia 7b

They aren’t all like that. Sometimes it’s more firm. Sometimes it has to go all the way to like fall apart mushy. I’ll usually gather as many as I can and taste one, if it’s still astringent, then I’ll come back a few days later.

@TNHunter – So you left them on the counter for 2-3 days?

I’m having similar issues with my American named variety Prok. If I pick it soft off the tree, there’s a 50% chance it’s still astringent. If I wait until it falls, there’s a 20% chance but then it’s contaminated by bugs. The best strategy seems to be to pick them soft then age them indoors ~2 days before eating.

A good friend’s now deceased father had an expression that describes an astringent persimmon – It’ll gag a maggot.

@jrd51 … best I remember it was Monday evening when I picked those… and had that experience of wonderful taste for about 30 seconds followed by extreme astringency.

And I just left the rest on the counter/bar in our kitchen… covered with a glass cover… room temp 72 74 degrees… until this evening… and the great flavor was still there… and the astringency was 99% gone
… just a touch left… in one of them.

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OK. 4 days. Thanks!

I have both. They taste a little different. Giombo has the brown sugar taste like a sapote. Saijo has a smoother taste kind of like milk fruit. I don’t know what else to compare them to. Both are very good. When we have more persimmons than we can eat, we gravitate toward Saijo. They are smaller but you can just eat more.