Pineapple Problem

Hi @ZinHead , thank you for that info. SO helpful and interesting. I ordered a blacklight but won’t be here until Tues.

I searched for a light in the 430nm range but couldn’t find one. I see LEDs and I could easily fab one. I may buy an extra blacklight and replace the LEDs. Need to check voltage and power requirements first tho.

Walmart usually carries cheap ones, so does Walgreens, CVS, some hardware stores.
Camping & sporting goods should have very bright ones.
You can also Google “Actinic Violet”
A very bright one can be made with LED torch sets.

Hi @ZinHead , quick update. I still havent received the 430nm LEDs, in fact, the seller never responded. Lol I may have to file a dispute with paypal. I did get the blacklight and attempted to take a picture. It glows pretty bright purple in the crown. I also tried it on a tomato leaf and it glows a similar purple. Should I proceed with the borax, without epsom?

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Hum, that seems to be a blacklight rather than a 430nm Actinic Hyper-Violet light.
Unfortunately, not as efficient of a tool.
Seems to be growing good.
Definitely no visible signs of Magnesium or Sulfur deficiency.
The only other possible reason for Chlorophyll-A to be low, if it is low is Copper.
When you are doing (1/4) teaspoon Citric Acid to adjust pH from 8.0pH,
you can use it in 1 once water to rinse a penny dated between (1963 & 1981) which is 95% Copper 5% Zinc.
Swish until shinny, then dilute into 1 gallon of water.
This will increase Iron assimilation & transport.
And Iron will increase the Chlorophyll-A.
Probably best to just drip a little bit into the crown each day, than to saturate the soil with the Copper.
The target is the stem cells in the nodes at the base of the leaves.
If you put it in the soil it will bind to the tannins in the potting mix.
I’m thinking drip 1oz of the gallon of copper solution into the crown once a week.
Store the solution in a cool dark place.
Also at this point reduce the amount of Citric Acid put into the soil, adjusting to 6.7pH from 8pH.
Growth hormones, Molybdenum & Boron are more water soluble at high pH.
The other micronutrients are more water soluble at lower pH.
Balance is important.
Tag me in a week.

Hold off on the Borax & Epsom salt.
If new leaves get shorter in length, become more triangular & internodes shorter, that is a boron deficiency.
In such a case (1/100) teaspoon of borax in a gallon of water poured into the crown, will fix the problem.
It doesn’t show any Magnesium or Sulfur deficiency as I feared it might.
That doesn’t appear to be the issue.
I’m still uncertain, but suspecting a very slight Copper deficiency.
Too much copper is far worse than too little.
Never put Copper in the soil as it kills root hairs & symbiotic microbes.
Stem cells in the crown are the correct location for Copper treatment.
Copper treatment should always be in very small frequent amounts.
Too much is very toxic permanently.
Too little limits Iron mobility & activities.

Thanks again, @ZinHead !

Quick question: Is it ok to put back in the sun? I have kept it in the corner of my porch in the shade since we started working with it. Daytime temps are 75 to 85F and nighttime around 60F.