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Yeah, it just started growing real quickly all of a sudden. I like that it stays dormant for that long. The mulberries and jujubes started growing recently as well. Sounds like a good plan. Hopefully that works well for you. I know NG is supposedly a smaller sized tree, though I don’t know how much being on virginiana rootstock affects that.

last year had 1 or 2 spotted lanternfly.
this year hundreds of young ones, maybe more, mostly on grapes-
pgh area 15212.
I reported
on PA website

I have blooms on Nikita’s Gift, all three of them!!! I’m hoping to try at least one fruit this year.


Nice! My NG has loads of flower buds, but none of them have opened up quite yet. It looks like they are very close to blooming though. My Yates and Prok have been in bloom for about a week now.

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Still holding on to those 3 fruit! I’ve been watering through the drought, I’m sure it helped. It’s been bone dry here for a while up until last night. I’m betting they’ll make it and the deer will find a way to ruin my plans right at the end…

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So all 3 Nikita’s Gift fruit have fallen… I am wondering if it really needs babied to keep anything based on experience from @mamuang.

In other news, yesterday I squashed a green stink bug, brown stink bug, 4th instar and an adult spotted lantern fly on my willow tree while pruning it. I need to become one with the bug guts, or just wear gloves more often.

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Yep, same here. My NG just finished dropping all of its fruits as well, and it had loads of fruits on it this year. I’ve had dropping issues with the American persimmons as well. I think I might trade for some male scionwood to graft a few branches with next year. Seeded fruit sounds a hell of a lot better than no fruit!

The SLFs are that close now, huh? I guess it won’t be long now before I start seeing them here too. How many do you think you’ve seen so far this year?

Hot, dry weather causes massive fruit drop. In the absence of rain, I water deeply once per week. Not needed in cooler weather. Fruit drop is a defensive mechanism. I’ve seen overladen persimmon trees dying due to failure to drop fruit.

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your experiences!

Pittsburgh Light Rail Map – Super Mario 3 Style – Dave’s Geeky Ideas (davesgeekyideas.com)
Pittsburgh LRT The T Map

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Strangely I just used the rail system a few weeks ago for the first time and I’ve lived near Pittsburgh my whole life. It was a reasonable experience and free for the route I used.

Hello! I live in Brookline. I am primarily a climber but I enjoy foraging in the fall and spring. This year instead of just looking for mushrooms, I was on the lookout for some pawpaws! I was able to get some and am looking to plant the seeds…somewhere. My family has property around the yough river lake and was thinking that could be a prime spot. I have never grown anything in my life but I know that they like to be near ravines, and the Yough is surrounded by ravines. If anyone has a better idea for planting locations let me know and I’ll try and get out there!

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Welcome to the forum Seth! Quick note on pawpaw seeds since you are starting out- you want to keep them damp and cold stratify in the refrigerator for 100 days minimum for good germination rates prior to planting. Some people put them in a plastic bag with paper towels or moistened peat moss or coconut coir. Just check periodically for mold and make sure you get all the pulp off prior to the stratification.

I’d honestly recommend planting them near home at a park you frequently use to enjoy them later on. I know for sure that pawpaws already exist at Yough Lake. You just need to find them!

Got it! Thanks!

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