Plant zoo

I’m going to build something like this in the spring. Last year a late frost zapped all the fruit off the wild mulberries, and the birds turned to my garden. I only got a handful of berries all year.

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Sadly the birds really strip my honeyberries a lot and do it when they are not even ripe. When i have netted them i get ten times the berries and will try to do something like galinas but much smaller that i can just pick up and put on top of them. The only thing other than cherries in my yard the birds get to and the cat is not able to protect. With a cat i think the most minor of covers will keep them safe

Galinas you could try 1/4 or 1/2" metal mesh on top and if you are keeping out insects or mice put the nylon underneath.


yes, I am planning to use same 1/2’’ mesh on top, but I don’t want to keep it on for winter because of ice/snow. Also 1/2’’ is kind of small for bees, so it will go on top after pollination. When you make your enclosure keep in mind that your bushes may grow up to 6’ high, so you do not have to redo it every year.


I just saw this the other day reading someplace about Australia fruit growers

I know I also read of it here too.
fruit fly exclusion netting.

Nice set up

I wonder if a motion activated water sprinkler would scare off birds
pretty sure I heard of it being used for grape vines.