Plum Curculio

My efforts to combat PC seem to have been successfully. Rather then PC droping all of my fruit I failed to thin them.


@lordkiwi, looks awesome I can’t wait for that problem.

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The problem now is brown rot and hopeing plums ripen before it spreads.



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no time to aquire anything. I have captian I hope that will help.

Better than nothing.

Carroll, brown rot may take many plums. On a broken branch all of the plums will not be edible. I have been the greedy Gus in the past and it takes many years to fill in that empty spot where there once was a branch. I would suggest you need to thin some of the most loaded branches today, so that branch will still be there for many years to come. I know its hard.

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I am going to live life dangerously this year. I have the two lower branches supported and I think that will be enough. And I think I will do some bracing for the upper bent branch.

I’ve used it to control PC for years. It has kickback activity, so I’ve even sprayed stone fruit with fresh scars and it will kill the larva inside the fruit (as long as you don’t wait too long). The disadvantage is that it’s only labeled for two sprays. PC season is longer than that for me, so sometimes I will use some Belay (which is just as effective) to get through the PC season. The reason I haven’t recommended Belay though is that it comes in 1-1/2 gallon jugs and costs $400+. Actara comes in about a quart sized container and costs $100+.

When I had Asian plums, I used to make repeated rounds of thinning to make sure none were touching each other, which promotes brown rot

hoping for the best

We are just on the edge of that storm and may miss it.

Re: brown rot, I am getting some rot now on plums that the curc infected too late to eat the seed (seed had hardened so seed not eaten and fruit will not drop) and now they are rotting. Also a few with bird pecks are rotting. Usually I don’t need to spray plums at all from early June on, but I may need a late Indar spray this time to keep the rot at bay.

Thanks, anything is better that my current approach.
I guess I could alternate with a contact insecticide if needed.

I always need a late spray on plums. The annual summer drop is just starting.

This is why you always listen to good advice kiddos. This branch is no major loss and it has been stable and the fruit ripening for several days. If I can keep the squirrels off I will be able to process all of the fruit next week. Assuming it does not break off I will splint it and remove next years flowers.



no, Splash I think I will have to check in the morning.


I appreciate your glass half full approach. I wish you best of luck bringing that branch back to where it belongs.

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I didn’t clean up under my stanley prune plum and lost ALL of the fruit. How long do the curculios stay on the ground, and is there a spray that is effective on adults?

It looks just like my shiro. The yellow plum w the broken branch