Plum Flavor Star of South African origin

Does anyone here grow Flavor Star plum?
It is of South African origin and said to be on top level. I spoke to one person who bought it from a local fruit n veg market and he was very excited about how good the plum’s taste was.
Here is the link:
Plums Cultivar Info Flavour Star - Culdevco

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I believe this is a Zaiger, but from the photos not a pluot.

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I have no idea. Maybe they changed the name because of patent issues, but if you read their description, it is their own selection that was released in 2009. Any more ideas?

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According to the article, Culdevco is a distributor – not a breeder.


FYI, since you mentioned it… Changing a name only works to avoid trademark issues. It doesn’t do anything to mitigate patent issues. Not saying that happened here since I don’t know anything about this plum.


Jose mentioned Flavor Star here:

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Hi Richard.
Yes, Flavor Star is a South African variety, obtained by Infruitec, and exclusively licensed by Culdevco.

It’s this plum

In Spain, Orero nurseries have the distribution of some Culdevco plums, including:
-African Rose
-African Pride
-African Delight
And also Flavor Star.

Don’t complicate your life, none of them is a champion variety.

I have tried them this year and the South African plums can stay in South Africa

A champion variety is this Italian one (among many others):

-Pink Saturn-5



Thank you for the entertaining comment! Of course I will take it seriously.

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Not even in their more wet dreams would South African plums come even remotely close to a simple plum variety like the Mariposa plum, which I personally consider to be a fantastic and complete plum:
Mariposa has:

  • Large caliber
  • Fantastic visual appearance
  • Perfect texture
  • Perfect balance between acidity-sweetness, accompanied by powerful flavor

But, here we enter the world of personal tastes, and I love the Mariposa variety, and there will be people who don’t like it (a matter of taste).



Guys, for lovers of plums and peaches.
This nursery is wonderful.
They have almost all the varieties of plums from the University of Alabama " AU " series ( they are very very good ) , and very good peaches as well .
And all this at an incredible price.

To start a orchard , this nursery is essential.



Thank you very much for a heck of alot of time saving Jose! I truly appreciate your knowledge. Thanks a lot.

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Candyflipper, in my town, they say a lot “to the bread, bread and wine wine ,” it means that the clearer things are, the better.
If a variety is good, I say it and if it is mediocre (due to a lot of pedigree, patent reputation and so on), if I test it in my orchard and it is mediocre I will say it anyway.



Then what’s your top ten plums and top five pluots?

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candyflypper we enter the confusing terrain of personal tastes.
I will tell you the varieties that I like (this does not mean that they are the best, but the best for my taste).


For its balanced sweetness-acidity flavor

  • Flavor Supreme
  • Flavor King
  • Flavor Treat
  • Flavor Finale
  • Honey Punch
  • Dapple Fire

For its tropical flavor

  • Flavor Jewel
  • Flavor Grenade

Because of its extreme sweetness

  • Flavor Blast

There are many plums that I like.

  • Crimson Glo (for lovers of berry flavors, such as strawberry and raspberry)

  • Mariposa (at the quality level of any pluot)

  • Elephant Heart (it’s delicious)

  • Emerald Beaut

  • AU-Rubrun (I’m looking forward to trying the flavor of its series sisters, especially AU-Homeside)

  • Tasty Sweet is extremely delicious, it’s a shame that it has a medium caliber

  • October Sun (super-plum)

  • Late Blue, very very good

  • Pink Saturn-5, excellent variety

  • Black Splendor (a classic, with all the good features)

  • Ruby Crunch (highly highly recommended)

  • Owen T, another excellent classic variety

  • Ozark Premier (very good, but with a tendency towards a bit soft pulp)

  • Luisa (very tasty)

  • Black Star and Laroda both good and very similar

There are many more and this is only a “minimal” summary.



Curiously, some of plums that I have mentioned are from Zaiger, and yet they do not appear in their United States catalog.

Some examples

  • Late Blue
  • Tasty Sweet



Interesting catalog, thanks.