Pluots for the north

I thought the clay spray is kind of messy to deal with?

Geopride froze out for me here in the Rocky mountain foothills after about four years. We are in z 5b.

Surround is kind of messy when you are getting it out of the bag. It washes out of everything though. I’ve spilled it or accidently over-sprayed onto concrete, vinyl siding, and red lava rock, and it has washed out of all of them.

Also I haven’t had any issues with it clogging or causing problems with my cheapo 1 and 2 gallon Chapin sprayers.

It gives me pause to think about PPE if I ever use more toxic things because even if I don’t think I’ve gotten some on me, I always end up with dried Surround droplets on my glasses when I’m done spraying.

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