Prague Citsuma hardy sweet citrus

I’ve seen meyer lemons endure temps down to 17 F with absolutely no damage. In Sonoma County about 10 years ago we had back to back nights at 17 for several hours and the citrus were, by and large, not damaged. In the area we mostly grow navel, kumquat, oro blanco grapefruit, satsuma mandarin, and meyer lemon. In all the years with many nights below 25 and a handful of nights in the teens these trees all did well all over the county with almost no damage. Avocados were a different story. While the trees all survived those nights into the high teens, they had significant leaf burn on the top of the canopy. But they all rebounded quite nicely and fruited that same year.

Prague can root but not easily, air layers seem to work way better! I stuck a prague cutting in coir and it never put roots out after a whole year, but it also didn’t dry up. It had calloused so I think the callous part was acting as a root and taking up moisture. I ended up grafting the stick to my outdoor TaiTri and it started to grow after the graft took