Purchasing Jujube tree online

When I was at Dr Yao’s workshop, her So’s were different from mine. Hers produced 2 sizes of fruit on ea tree, with the larger fruit being tasty, the smaller mediocre. My So come from R Meyer and Edible Landscaping.

Dr Yao mentioned she was mapping genomes of jujubees, and she’d just received wood from England’s. Should be interesting results soon.


Yes good recommendations, I really like those 4

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I’ve tried a So from JFE too, it’s like my others, good

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I had a So purchased from Edible Landscaping that had tasty fruit, but unfortunately was killed by ambrosia beetles after a late frost. I ordered a replacement from EL, and the new So tree had a Dave Wilson tag on it. It’s still only a couple of years old so it may be too early to judge, but I don’t think the fruit is as good as my original tree. It’s much denser in texture and not as sweet. But the size and appearance of the fruit from both trees is the same, and I didn’t notice any significant variation in fruit size. I mention this only to say that maybe Edible Landscaping sells trees they’ve grafted themselves and also those they’ve purchased from Dave Wilson, and they may be different types of So.


Just got my jujube trees today! Very happy purchasing from EL. Thank you for everyone’s advice.


I had three different So trees at different times. They all had mediocre fruit.

@castanea, I look forward to hearing your impressions of jujubes (and other fruit) grown east of the Rockies as you get settled and establish your new orchard. Maybe some like So are better suited to the eastern side of the country, or maybe not. I know you’re still a long way from the east coast, but I still feel like fruit growers like me have gained an all-star addition to “our team” by having you move across the mountains. :smiley:


I picked up a Honeyjar and Sugarcane from Edible Landscaping last year. No disease or pest issues at all so far, and it’s flowering now. We’ll see what the quality is like a few months from now.

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I have a vole, mole or gopher going around. Not sure which, I’m thinking out making something like a wire barrier to put underground. Have anyone had that problem and please give me some advice!

Around what time would be the best to look into bare rooted? I’m very interested in the idea for the future.

Nursery usually have new stocks in the fall. Places like Edible Landscaping allows you to reserve a variety that has sold out. It will send you email once that variety bec9mes available.

Nurseries for jujbes are Edible Landscaping, England Orchard Nursery, Chinese Red Date Orchard, Burntridge Nursery, etc.

Moles eat grubs. They don’t eat trees’ roots.
Voles eat trees’ roots and kill young trees that way.
I don’t know where you live. We don’t have gophers where ai am.

Wire barrier under ground is necessary protection against voles.

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Thank you!

Any places that sells jujubees for less than $45?

Any under that price will be tiny. Jujube is one of the most expensive plants sold.


You will find them under $45 at Burnt Ridge but as Robert states they will be small. I purchased a black sea from them last year and it was small.

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Why are they so expensive? Is it because they are difficult to graft? Slow growing? They grow in thickets here, I am tempted to go and dig some up.

Because the demand far exceeds the market.

I have found my newest business opportunity.