Purple reign


encouraging photo-documentation, considering you’re in zone 7a


Just got back from a quick week in Lebanon. I was able to document some Morus nigra specimens, some no doubt centenarians. Like old friends, these I’ve known since childhood. I try to visit them every time I go. They almost have a human quality to them…These I’ve collected seeds from and grown seedlings. I will publish the photos in separate installments.


These are from my grandmother’s village Faraya in Lebanon.


Another tree in Faraya


Morus tree in Ain Saadeh, Lebanon


i know exactly how you feel.

impossible not to revere those trees that fed you as a child, and which will continue to feed your children, and your children’s children. My friends and family find it weird that i go out of my way to dig holes in their yards to plant mulberries and jujubes. I simply tell them that those trees will last hundreds of years, maybe even a thousand, so totally worth my time… Referring to humans’ average life expectancy, i only have a few decades to go – that is if i don’t get hit by a truck tomorrow, or struck by lightning next week…

thus in a hurry to broadcast as many trees to as many people before i go kaput.

so yes, those gnarly-old but still fruitful nigras you’ve posted here along with the provenance further intensify this ‘urge’ of mine :deciduous_tree:


Beautiful photos…I can’t quit looking at them! I especially like the respect the Lebanese give to these old beasts…Here in America the wall would go up…and the tree would come down.


Thank You for showing these impressive trees!


I’m stumped!!! My grafted M. nigra from Lebanon that had remained dormant since last fall a year ago decided to leaf out in the wake of hurricane Irma in Miami. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. I would have almost preferred that it stays dormant until spring of next year and wake up in more suitable weather conditions. Any thoughts??


our nigras take a while to drop its leaves, often only after a hard freeze, so this should give your nigra’s new growth to produce viable buds on its new stems before it starts snoozing.


Those leaves shriveled and dried out. I think that was that tree’s last hurrah…I’m now convinced it’s dead.


sorry to hear that @chriso. Only reason could think of is that it was still subject to some sort of time zone jet lag, having been from another country. Having leafed out too late, when the weather is already turning cold. Nigras seem to be ‘immune’ to late frosts not because they are tolerant of it, but because they rarely get subjected to late frosts, since tend to leaf out late in spring or even early summer.
leafing out way too late(in october!) however evidently transposed it to what could equate to a late frost, since it is now fall weather.


Would that mean it might come back out in spring?


Should that happen k8tpayaso, I’ll make sure you’ll be first to know…


our pak bouncing back with some berries despite suffering through a late frost



Mine did come back! It’s getting sprayed frequently.



My grafted M. nigra from Lebanon is officially dead.
My other ones from LE Cooke are still dormant???
5 seedling M. nigra have awakened.
@k8tpayaso, your nigra looks very happy!!
@jujubemulberry, great looking paks!!! Yum…


I am keeping it sprayed and it does have a few leaves with brown spots (that I pull off). So I’m not sure it isn’t still infected but I’m going to try to give it a chance. Lots of berries on it. Sorry about your Lebanese baby.


thanks @chriso they are pretty good, yes!


Update. My 4 LE Cooke grafted M. nigras are awake and growing. Yay!