@alan … sounds wonderful…

I would have to leave out the grains myself… and stick with low carb veggies instead.

Here is something you might look into…

In my research on best way to make bone broth… or how to make it most nutritious…

It included adding vinegar (I used ACV) and in a 8-10 pint yielding mix… I would add 1/2 cup… as you said for extracting minerals from the bone… I normally used a chicken carcus + pigs feet + chicken feet … which produced a very gelatinous broth… and my broth was simmered 48 hours… adding the veggies in the last 4-6 hours… and in the last half hour a large bunch of parsley.

Best I remember adding the parsley to the mix… did something like make the minerals/nutrients more bioavailable.

Your body could absorb and use them better.

When you are desperate for healing… every little thing that helps is important.



I’m not country, really. I have to think strategically for what serves the planet. If I was eating game from the woods that would be one thing, but I’m not, so better to get my calorie load from whole grain. I think it’s probably healthier anyway than loading up on meat calories. Especially industrial meat. However, if I expand my diet to coon, I could almost survive on it as a staple some years. Last year I killed over 30. Plus about 60 squirrel. I’d be going hungry this year though, only killed 1 coon and 4 squirrel. Picking fruit instead of killing squirrels.

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@Alan… a lot of people think it best to eat a lot of grains, cook with grain oils, etc…

But then a lot of people have diabetes, authritis, high blood pressure, leaky gut related diseases… and they wonder why.

Try eating nothing but meat salt water for a month sometime… or even a more diversified carnivore diet… eggs, hard cheese, butter, ghee, fish, organ meats…

Most that do… including me… find out for sure it is not meat that is killing them.



@TNHunter, Turnips make a fine low-carb substitute for potatoes in soups and stews. The taste and texture is very similar to potatoes.

I do Paleo as well, BTW. Well, Primal actually, since I do eat dairy.


@CA_Poppy … I do heavy whipping cream and ghee in my coffee… boost the keytones.

I also do fermented milk… kefir… a 40+ hour ferment pretty much eliminates the lactose.

Hard aged cheeses have no carbs… I can do some of those.

I get the majority of my carbs from berries, nuts, kefir… some from low carb leafy greens and veggies like green beans okra brussel sprouts asparagus.

I fast 18… eat 2 meals a day between 1230 and 6 normally.

4-5 years ago I had high blood pressure, triglicirides, cholesterol, arthritis, and took rx for all that stuff… and I weighed 220 lbs 5 ft 11 inch tall. I had part of my colon removed twice… aweful gut issues.

Today… after paleo… keto… carnivore… journy… I weigh 150 lbs… I have NONE of the above mentioned problems, take no rx.

Ps… I could actually catch enough coons to live off of…

Below is from when i was a fur trapper back in the 80’s… i have caught as many as 35 coons in one night

That is a much younger TNHunter :slight_smile:

But they are way down my list of favorite foods… ribeye steaks… are at the top.



Met a gentleman at church potluck yesterday that fondly recalled groundhog pot roast. They were a family of sharecroppers that traveled around to different farms and once upon a time he and his siblings were out playing down by a creek when they saw the critter foraging and they chased it down and up a tree where the oldest brother, 12 yr old grabbed it by the tail and yanked it down. They all got a whack at it and by the even the dog got a few bites and shakes in. After hauling the bugger up to mom she dressed it in a pot and cooked it! An American story.


But is it true? Woodchucks are very quick and don’t climb trees as an escape route around here…ever. They are usually close enough to their burrow and that is where they seek refuge, at least in the region I live where I pay them very close attention and kill a few most years to protect flowers and vegetables. When attempting to escape my shotgun, they never go up into a tree, unfortunately. I’ve even altered the DNA of squirrels that forage my property- they used to climb trees to escape me but I killed the tree climber strain off and now they stay low and scurry in a zig-zag that makes them difficult targets for a non-hunter like me. If they see me first I seldom manage to shoot them.

Woodchucks will climb a short distance to reach peaches and such, but that’s the only tree climbing I’ve ever known them to do. When they stick to fruit they aren’t such a problem as in the veg garden. They seem not to eat a great deal of fruit.


Hahaha. You never know about those tales:) lots of literary licensing going on maybe hehehe. I have seen smaller ones climb my tall spruces up 20’, but not 40 pound woodchucks!


If you’ve seen small ones 20’ up in spruces, your woodchucks behave differently than mine, which wouldn’t surprise me too much. To tell you the truth, I’ve never seen one in a tree even though my property is full of fruit trees, but one of my clients swears he saw one hop up a baffled peach tree over 5’ from standing position. The guy is a sober person and nobody’s fool, so I believe him. I also have heard about them climbing apple trees to get fruit, but they usually don’t live very long once they move onto my property and they mostly go after beans and cabbage family vegies and a few of my ornamental flowers. What I have seen a lot of is how they behave when they are trying to flee the danger I present to them- but it is possible they behave differently elsewhere. .


I used to keep plott hounds that I used for coon hunting. I had a young dog running loose with me as I worked in the yard one day. He started barking and I went to investigate. He had a ground hog treed in a red oak sapling. It had climbed up 15 feet or so. Now that is the only ground hog I’ve ever seen climb and the dog must have snuck up and startled him forcing him to climb. So they can do it but I would say it is pretty rare. I suppose I could climb pretty good too, if something was chasing me.