Raintree Unnamed Goumi Cultivar

Does anyone grow both Raintree’s unnamed cultivar and sweet scarlet? I lost track of the labels when I planted last year. For me in Zone 7 Northern NJ both are starting to leaf and one is well into flower production. If yours are at a similar stage it should help me recognize between the two. Does anyone also grow the Red Gem and is willing to share a cutting?

My sweet scarlets in zone 7 central VA are loaded with blossoms and have been for a while now.

revisiting this topic. Does anyone else have both Goumi’s from Raintree. One just started to turn red an I was hoping to taste them for the first time. Then this morning I found the critters had taken every berry of the bush. The other bush has larger berries and they have not started to turn. If you have both plants which turned red first?

found one of the tags and managed to answer my own question.

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