Raised beds need advice!


Thanks so much! I really like yours, I’ll keep you all posted once I’ll finish it mine.


@GeorgiaGent @AngelOreo and others who have used the galvanized roofing how much support does it need (ie can a guy pound 1/2-3/4in rebar into the ground every 4 feet?) I have 3-4 50ft rows i currently have in french raised beds that im thinking of converting over


Good Question.

My very first bed, a strawberry bed, was 2x24X2 (WxLxH) and I put 4x4s in the four corners and every 6 feet, with a piece of 1/2 aluminum conduit at the 3 foot mark. That was a fail. Not enough support on the sides.

My next 2, vegetables beds, were 2.5x12x1, which I built a basic frame for; I used 4x4’s in the corneRS and then every three feet, 5 total each side, no outside conduit supports and they are great. B

The next four, the ones I just finished, were built the same, except I used 2x4s for the 2nd and 4th supports, and used 4x4s for the corners and center only. These are also doing great, no bowing.

I am building 4 new strawberry beds next which will be 2.5x11x2 rather than the one at 24’. I’ll do those like the vegetable bed except they’ll be 2’ hight like the first.

I have some simple Visio drawings if you need or want a visual of them.


I’ve seen some online made with just the rebar on the outside but the examples are few and they look to bow out a bit.


A few pics where you can see the framework.


I pretty much stole your build. Only minor differences were the paint, some very rednecky corners made out of gutter pieces, and I used vineyard wire and a gripple to keep tension (very easy to work with but you need a gripple tool).


Looks good. I wanted to paint mine dark brown maybe someday I will. The white looks good though hadn’t thought of that


It was the only exterior paint I had already open. I couldn’t find my waterseal which would have been a nice darker brown.


I have a hard time leaving things simple sometimes, so I put a hinged top on the bed with 1/2" emt hoops and purlin. I’m not going to put any poly on now, since it’s already May, but will in the fall (maybe using wiggle wire and u channel). I’ll just use the purlin to string up the peppers for support.


Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I first started this thread asking about raised beds information, ideas and photos.

Lots of good ideas, really nice designs that a lots of people ware kindly to share their raised beds Pictures, videos and all kind of great information for anyone who’s interested in starting their raised beds! So I’ll thank everyone who posted on this thread.

I’m going to share some pics of my garden where I used to till the soil every year, my garden is surrounded by a fence which I installed the fence because of a reason but then tilling become a problem since I couldn’t till all the area and also I wanted to do something that would help me on not to pull weeds every day on the afternoons after I get off from work, I wanted to spend the time doing other things besides pulling weeds. So raised beds ware the option for me.

The first pic that’s the way used to be then I cover the area with landscape fabric liner then I made my first beds then I added three more raised beds thanks to some of the ideas that I got from some of you’ll.

Thanks to everyone who pitch in and hoping this would help others on their projects.


thats some nice black soil. well done!


Thanks Steve, I order a truck load to fill those beds from a forest company it has wood chips, sand and compost manure.


nice stuff! i wish we could get something like that here. with all the forestry in Maine you would think someone would start using all that sawdust/ bark wood waste to make compost. coast of maine makes compost from ground lobster shells , kelp, sand and bark fines in downeast maine. its great stuff but pretty pricey. used to be able to go down to their machias plant and buy it by the truckload until they realized they could make much more selling it by the bag.


Awesome looking raised beds and garden!!


Thanks Tony!


Meant to post and was late on finishing my beds got them done and planted may 20th so a little behind this year but already harvesting and enjoying working it. Probably going to add two more but may do that with concrete and stone? Love the height.


Wanted to do a progress update and also thank everyone on here for all the encouragement as well as design ideas to get these done!

Have been eating greens since i planted really but most of our food has been coming from here and its been fantastic.