Raised beds need advice!


Thanks so much! I really like yours, I’ll keep you all posted once I’ll finish it mine.


@GeorgiaGent @AngelOreo and others who have used the galvanized roofing how much support does it need (ie can a guy pound 1/2-3/4in rebar into the ground every 4 feet?) I have 3-4 50ft rows i currently have in french raised beds that im thinking of converting over


Good Question.

My very first bed, a strawberry bed, was 2x24X2 (WxLxH) and I put 4x4s in the four corners and every 6 feet, with a piece of 1/2 aluminum conduit at the 3 foot mark. That was a fail. Not enough support on the sides.

My next 2, vegetables beds, were 2.5x12x1, which I built a basic frame for; I used 4x4’s in the corneRS and then every three feet, 5 total each side, no outside conduit supports and they are great. B

The next four, the ones I just finished, were built the same, except I used 2x4s for the 2nd and 4th supports, and used 4x4s for the corners and center only. These are also doing great, no bowing.

I am building 4 new strawberry beds next which will be 2.5x11x2 rather than the one at 24’. I’ll do those like the vegetable bed except they’ll be 2’ hight like the first.

I have some simple Visio drawings if you need or want a visual of them.


I’ve seen some online made with just the rebar on the outside but the examples are few and they look to bow out a bit.


A few pics where you can see the framework.